Shallow Time

Let’s talk about hot guys!

On TWoP last week everyone was listing their top 5 swoonworthy guys on the show. Since I missed it, I thought I’d do it here instead, where I can add pictures to justify my picks. And hey, generally when I post here I try to be in depth and insightful, but sometimes it’s fun to revel in one of the best pleasures of soaps: watching hot guys in action. And since I never do screencaps, this is a good time to start.

#1. Naturally I have to begin with the hottest character in the history of daytime, Steve (Stephen Nichols):


And I think looking at this photo just impregnated me:


I must give a shoutout to the 80’s version. Here’s a guy who knew how to wear a ripped tank top:
Steve 80’s

And displaying that unique combination of weepiness and sexiness that is pure Steve:

#2. Phillip (Jay Kenneth Johnson), my other big crush on the show. He’s master of the brooding look:


And doesn’t look bad without his shirt either:


#3. Then there’s Nick (Blake Berris). I love his slender, lanky body and his little flat butt. Here’s a nice shot of his lanky sexiness, clothed:


But I think I love him best in concerned, compassionate mode:


#4. EJ (James Scott), here pre-psychosis:


All right, I’m adding another one. Pardon me, I couldn’t resist this butt shot:


#5 (surprising myself with this one) Max (Darin Brooks) has been growing on me. He has a very nice neck and shoulders, as can be seen here:

Honorable mention: For those million and a half of you who keep coming to my blog with the search terms “Trevor Donovan shirtless,” here ya go:

Also, if you want to see many, many pictures of Trevor Donovan—and other Days actors—in various states of undress (and where I got many of the pictures I posted here), go to this site: Soap Hunks (Days)

Other screencap credits:
S&K screencaps 80’s

S&K screencaps 2000’s

Wow, that was a fabulous waste of time. But so much fun! I promise I will try to be serious and insightful next time I post.


11 thoughts on “Shallow Time

  1. Your impregnated line gave me a great laugh. Have to totally agree on your choice of number one, Steve oozes sexuality. Grrrrr!

  2. Hee, been waiting on you to post this.

    I notice you kept one “supposidly high rated muscle bound hunk” on this show OFF your list. Hmmm, could it be because he doesn’t make you hot at all?

    For me:

    1. Steve
    2. Nick
    3. Bo
    4. EJ
    5. Phillip

    Hee! (Some of these change daily except for the top 2).

  3. And I think looking at this photo just impregnated me

    Gah! Here I am, trying to stay on the fence about the baby thing and you play *that* card.

    IA with #5 — DB’s really surprised me over the last month or so. Glad to see you posting again!

  4. Pfft. Who needs insight and intellect? Heck, even MBE described one of the contestants on IWBASS as someone who “should do all his scenes with his shirt off.” And Hogan called her shallow and then said, “That’s what I like about you.” So Hogan would like all of us. A lot.

    SN said in Boston he and MBE are filming a love scene on 10/5, so let’s hold out hope for a new screencap to add to your collection!

  5. Music to my ears, Emily!

    I go back and forth on Bo. Lately he’s been in smug, dumb detective mode, so he hasn’t been pinging as much on the hotness scale for me. I love Bo and Hope, though. And Bo and Steve together is always good TV.

    And I had to add another EJ shot to the above!

  6. I love the shallow!! Actually, these days, I sometimes think I’m all about the shallow.

    My list:


    I know that Nick isn’t on the list, but he’s be #6. I think he’s adorable, but he just doesn’t crack my top 5 in “hotness.”

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