Didja notice?

Today was new producer Ed Scott’s first day on the job. Rather than giving a man time to settle into his job I’m going to rush to judgment right away, how does that sound?

Reasons to be optimistic based on today’s show (8/29):

1. The camera moved instead of being static. Especially during a dramatic moment, the camera moved steadily toward the person speaking or reacting. Then there was that overhead shot of Benjy in the dumpster—very dramatic.

2. The lighting varied from scene to scene instead of being a uniform, slightly orange tint.

3. Part two of the “cartoonish caper at the gym” was MUCH less cartoonish.

4. Kayla and Hope actually talked about Steve’s deprogramming, how difficult the whole BSC-Steve scenario was on Kayla, and gave us Kayla’s POV about how things are now. How wonderful it was to hear her comment that she tries to concentrate on the miracle of having Steve back at all, and contemplating all that they missed is so painful that she just concentrates on the future. Long, long overdue.

5. Bo and Steve’s conversation about whether Steve can be trusted was another great use of recent history (the DiMera programming) and long-term history (Steve’s extreme protectiveness of those he loves).

6. Shirtless EJ!

7. Sami’s hysteria (which we have seen way too much of lately) evolved into something much more interesting as soon as she got angry at EJ for telling her to calm down. I also loved how she mentioned how his recent bouts of lifesaving were a little too convenient. The latter part of those scenes was really terrific.

8. Most of all, there was much less zigzagginess in the presentation. It felt smoother, more cohesive, and tension built from one scene to the next and culminated in a nice cliffhanger.

I know, I know, Days can raise you up only to drop you down, but paint me as cautiously optimistic.


4 thoughts on “Didja notice?

  1. All very good points! I noticed the lighting most of all. Everyone looke so much prettier. A very good thing for a shirtless EJ moment. And although the shrieking in the first part was driving me nuts, I liked the second half of the Sami/EJ scenes.

  2. I liked the second half of the Sami/EJ scenes too. I also liked how they allowed Lucas to get out of the car on his own w/o needing Roman and Bo to rescue him.

    And of course any S/K scenes are always my favorite.

  3. I was glad Lucas got himself out too. I did laugh, though, at how Lucas hasn’t quite figured out to use his cell phone to call for help when he’s trapped—but at least he answered the phone when someone called him. It’s a step!

    I liked how Sami’s shrieking transformed from hysteria to anger, and from there to a snarky calm. I have really enjoyed Sami the past two days.

  4. Now if they can only keep Sami’s shrieking down to a manageable level. . .

    Finally got to see the last two days on the TV screen instead of on my computer–even better that way. Everything really seems to “pop” more.

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