Message board, early 1987

POLL: Justienne vs. Justelica, who do you want Justin to end up with?
Too many newbies! Bring back the vets! Sign in, please!
Kayla Should get with JACK, Steve doesn’t deserve her …. 🙂
Laiman sucks!!! Another obstacle for Steve/Kayla???
So long, Robin! Hello Diana!!! 8)

I don’t care who she was on General Hospital …. (the anti-Diana thread, bashers only!)

POLL: Best jeans fit

    *Stephen Nichols
    *Peter Reckell
    *Drake Hogestyn
    *Michael T. Weiss

Anderson vs. Laiman, who’s better?

Steve is an abuser just like his dad … (bashing only)

Campaign for PR to grow back his beard, sign in please.

Justin makes me sick!! Adrian should get tested for STDs!!!

Bring back the One, the Only, the Real Roman, Wayne Northrup

Please, Laiman, give Alex a story!

Countdown to Shane finding out he’s Andrew’s father/the Andrew Donovan fan page! Sign in!

Thread for the “Good old DAys”—Sheri Anderson and her NOT “super” couples ruined my show! Bashers only!


30 thoughts on “Message board, early 1987

  1. *LOL*

    This is hilarious! Where did you find it?

    Not so much different from today…

    And can I say that I hate *bashing only*-threads? Why can’t people have an argument with differents points of view and that’s it?


  2. HA! I love it! That’s exactly how a certain board would have looked in the ’80s. Crazy. The fan threads for babies are what really get to me.

  3. Nike, I didn’t find this—this is just my imagining of what a certain message board in the 80’s would look like. I agree with you about “bashing only” threads. I find those so odd.

    lascuba, the first time I saw a baby fan thread I just about died laughing. What is there to talk about?

  4. I didn’t read the title and I thought the poll was real and I was like, Huh? Justelica?

    DuH! to myelf!!! LOL!

    I’m kind of glad there wasn’t a message board in the 80s. It’s bad enough nowadays with all the bashing and hypercriticism of characters and fan bases.

    Thanks, MP!

  5. ::laughing hysterically::

    As I scrolled down, I was waiting for the explanation, but this is so brilliant it doesn’t need one.

  6. And, BTW, although the answer to any question about jeans is always “Stephen Nichols” I have to add that while watching some Stockholm clips I had to seriously ask myself how it was that Drake H. is/was able to bear children and how those jeans didn’t just split open at the seams.

  7. That’s absolutely hilarious MP — and absolutely dead on. I have no doubt in my mind that we would have seen each and every one of those threads if the “other” board existed in 1987. The “baby” fan threads crack me up as well. Not to mention the ones that call for more screen time for Ciara. WTF??

    This was great because it helps me remember that it really isn’t all that different now, there’s just more places to read and hear about it.

  8. heh, Steve does win that hands down (and I do mean hands down!)

    Let’s see what other threads could there be?

    “Stitta: Fans of Steve & Britta”

    “Keep Jack bad!”

    “We want more Ramirez scenes!”

  9. Oh, mullet. That’s a new poll:

    Best Hair on Days:

    -Drake Hogestyn
    -Stephen Nichols
    -Peter Reckell
    -Michael T. Weiss
    -Billy Hufsey
    -Lars (don’t know his name.)

    Oh, and that reminds me, another thread:

    “Melissa/Lars fans, sign in if you want to see more Mars dancing scenes!”

    Hee, this is too much fun.

  10. Oh my—“Pissa” has got to take the cake for couple names that might have been.

    On TWoP a few months ago I posted a list of my own, but somehow I missed that one. A few of the ones I had were:

    Marlena and John: Mohn
    Laura and Mickey: Lickey
    Doug and Addie: Daddie (considering that Doug was Julie’s stepfather for awhile …)

    Perhaps Melissa and Lars fans would be called Martians?

  11. Ha! Good point, Zara. Was he the Shawn D of his time? Though I would say even Shawn has more going for him than Lars. We should do a poll sometime for “Worst Character Ever.” Criteria would be a combination of the character as written (intelligence, heroic qualities, relationship skills), as acted, and storylines they were involved in.

  12. I think Lars’ wooden speech at the end of the ballet gala (asking for Britta’s release) would havve to put him right up there with “Worst Character Ever.”

  13. He makes Shawn D look smart and essential.

    He always struck me – when I could actually sit through anything involving him (rarely) – that he should have been a character that just showed up occasionally to support and/or make life difficult for his sister, not one that should have any kind of story of his own.

  14. Oh, Lars. Lars, Lars, Lars.

    Besides the really squicky chemistry between him and Amy Stock, who played his sister Britta, we had the leg warmers! And the tights! And the “What July Fourth Means to Me, by Lars Englund” speech over the phone to Britta.

    And the dancing. Oh, my, the dancing…

  15. Don’t forget the hair! It looked like a mink pelt.

    I remember that July 4th speech: “We can be free here, Britta!”

    I remember an end-of-show montage, when Britta left Steve in the middle of the night. They played the Steve/Britta (Stitta?) theme song “Somewhere Tonight,” a song I really like. And intercut with Steve and Britta was Lars whirling around all angstfully (I think his cheeks were wet with tears), in his snazzy legwarmers. Ah, Lars.

  16. Oh, yes–the tear sliding delicately down his cheek as he tried to dance to forget.

    Thanks to the Cindy Stock DVDs, I discovered another Bob Seger song used for Steve and Britta that I also like–Love’s the Last to Know. I swear, 90% of my 80s-era mp3 files are related to Days (and 80% to Steve and Kayla specifically).

  17. One of my favorite songs used on a soap was Seger’s “Shame on the Moon” used for Bo and Hope in ’83/84. Bob Seger songs used on Days was so cool because it was totally unsoapy, and anti-cheese. Days actually had an authentic coolness factor way back when, like when they used Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” for that Stockholm montage. I loved the how the show was produced then.

  18. Hey, ElDays! Nice to see you around!

    I wanted to tell you I am still planning to watch the saga of Bo and Hope from the beginning, so I can see all the delicious music montages and come to a greater appreciation of Sheri Anderson (whose run I only saw the latter part of), and all involved with Days back then.

    I loved the Red Rain montage. I also loved when they played Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up” when Steve was mourning Britta on the pier and Kayla told him “If you need a friend, you know where one is.” That was a perfect song for the scene.

    And you’re right, Bob Seger and Peter Gabriel are both anti-cheese, though 80’s Days certainly used their share of cheesy romantic ballads too (“When Your Heart Comes Out Tonight,” anyone?).

  19. How funny–you definitely hit the nail on the head when you talked about this couple name combining thing, and how things would have looked in the 80s, LOL.

    I do have to say, though, that I loved the Lars and Melissa storyline. At times, it was very romantic, and they are both very talented dancers. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, but I though Ken Jezek was quite handsome! I loved the way they used dance in advancing the storyline, they had some great routines to some great music. Call me crazy, but I really enjoyed it.

  20. Yay! A Lars/Mars fan!

    I’m not being sarcastic. It actually always makes me happy to see how the stories or characters that didn’t work for me did work for other people. It’s funny to think that back in the 80’s I had UO’s (Unpopular Opinions) without knowing they were unpopular. For instance, I had no idea that Melissa was such a universally disliked character. I liked her back then and I still do.

    Thanks for commenting!

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