Surrounded by Boxes, I Pause for a Moment

Thank you for all the good wishes for my move!

I haven’t seen Thursday’s episode (I’ll try to catch it on Monday mornings “When no one is watching TV” in Salem), but I did catch Friday’s (7/13). I am hopelessly behind on TWoP, so I thought I’d post my thoughts here.

It looks like Jett is undercover, not gay. Though his choice of Chelsea to pump for information seems a little bit, er, stupid? How about Stephanie, or Max, or hmm, maybe Jeremy, who seems to trust him implicitly?

And now we have Ilsa, weepy, traumatized hookup of Jeremy’s, who Max and Jeremy happily discussed right in front of her as though she weren’t there. I have to say I found those scenes creepy and strange. That girl seemed like she’d been assaulted or something (by Jeremy? So creepy!), and Max got her some tissues and then ignored her to talk about niece dating with Jeremy. Maybe they were magic tissues.

It was funny and all that they talked about the niece dating, but personally I wish they’d drop it.

Tony is not Tony? Oh, no … Andre?

Nice character interaction to have Kayla and Lucas talking about EJ and whether it’s possible to forgive one’s rapist. I like how Kayla gave props to Sami for trying to forgive, but also understanding to Lucas that it can be easier to forgive the wrong to yourself than the wrong to a loved one.

Kayla looked BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL. I loved that white outfit! And though I don’t want Steve and Kayla to have another baby, how adorable did she look with Ciara on her knee?

In contrast to Kayla’s shimmering white, we got Steve in a hunky black t-shirt. My favorite part of the episode was John and Steve working together. I had forgotten how much I like John in action-hero mode. I loved his comment about Steve throwing him off his rhythm when Steve stopped him from kicking in the door. Some might complain that we’re not getting enough Steve and Kayla on their own (and I fully admit I want to see those “private fireworks” myself), but personally I like how they’re integrating them into the canvas.

I would have loved to have seen the aftermath scene after the shotgun blast, with EJ forced to thank the man he tortured. Though I admit my heart jumped a little at EJ’s intense look at Sami at the pub. It’s so wrong, and yet … Damn you, Days! I already have my hands full with unpacking and my toddlers running around messing up everything as soon as I get it organized—I don’t need moral dilemmas and guilt on top of it!

Oh, well, back to the boxes.


2 thoughts on “Surrounded by Boxes, I Pause for a Moment

  1. Yea the Jeremy/Max moment didn’t exactly make Max look like a Sherlock Holmes. The girl obviously was EXTREMELY upset and no way did she come over there to hook up with Jeremy willingly. The question is, now far is he going?

    And ditto on Jett asking Chelsea for information? Really?

    I loved the S/K scenes (of course!). I especially was thrilled with the Lucas/Kayla moment. Great way to use a character’s emotional past to help out another character in the present. (Oh, please let this mean it’s still possible for a “how to get over him sleeping with my mom” talk between Chelsea and Julie!)

  2. Whoa, Tripp, I had completely forgotten about Julie and Doug with regards to Chelsea! Great observation. Yes, there definitely needs to be a conversation there.

    Love how Days is finally acknowledging the past and using it. Great scene between Lucas and Kayla.

    Here’s to a smooth transition with the move Marypickford!!

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