Remember My Name

Of all the characters and actors on the show, guess whose fans find this blog most frequently? Okay, that’s an easy one: Steve and Kayla.

Guess who’s second? Again, not too surprising: Sami and EJ.

Guess who’s third? You’ll never guess. Never never never never never.

Bo and Hope? Nope.

John and Marlena? Nope.

Shelle? Please.

Chick? No (although they are fourth).

No, the third most sought actor on Days of Our Lives, according to the skewed statistics of my blog, is … Billy Hufsey. Yes, he of the ripped denim vests, the vacant stare, the glistening mullet.

Is there some underlying cadre of Emilio fans searching for … what? Hairstyling tips? Dance moves? Singing lessons? Bronzing cremes?

Or maybe this is just one devoted fan repeatedly logging onto Google in the vain hope that some new mention will appear.

Er … Billy, is that you? Here’s another one for ya!


18 thoughts on “Remember My Name

  1. BWAH!! Now that’s just hilarious. I can’t believe there are any Billy Hufsey fans still out there. Although I do know somebody who loved Jennifer and Emilio back in the day. 😉

  2. I’ve been outed! Ugh! Yes, ESP is talking of me. I loved Billy Hufsy! I enjoyed Jennifer with Emilio. I loved their dirty dancing ways. But regardless, I have not done one search on the actor since he left Days of Our Lives when he was killed (Melissa pushed him?) Who could be searching for him now?

    I noticed I got a hit yesterday on Kayla Brady Wardrobe. LOL!

    It makes me feel good to see lots of searches on Chelsea and Nick! (Boo! on searches for Chelsea and Max!)

  3. I’m slooowly working my way through the D2D clips, and you have to hand it to Emilio — at least he was an original. I can’t get over this clip.

    It looks like the mullet is history now. LMAO at his top howevermany.

  4. Marypickford, I wasn’t thinking — feel free to delete that last link if you don’t want him tracking you down. ; )

  5. lska, that clip was hilarious.

    I did take out the link, though I probably didn’t have to. I’m sure if he’s in show business he’s probably used to it.

    I heard that Mike Nesmith had a sign on his door later in life that said “No Monkees jokes.” Maybe Billy has a sign on his door that says “No Emilio jokes” or “No mullet jokes.”

    Tripp, I thought of you when I posted this and wondered if you were still holding a torch. C’mon, you can admit it.

    And yes, he did get pushed out of a window by Melissa, on New Year’s Eve 1990.

  6. Okay, I need to let y’all know that I liked Emilio with Jennifer before the whole Jack and Jennifer mess. Not really because I saw this great chemistry between J&J (to be honest, I never really did but I did like their humor) but more because Emilio became especially cheesy and dumb dumb. I mean, maybe he was dumb before but he had occasional street smarts. When Jack came into the picture he was like Bluto or Moose dumb.

    *That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.*

  7. Yup, densie, Emilio died. Melissa pushed him out the window because he was trying to rape her or something??? I’m sorry, that is something our man Emilio just WOULD NOT DO!

    You know, Tripp, I didn’t have much against Emilio at the time, honestly. I liked most everybody on the show. But watching him in clips is too too funny.

  8. Tripp, my favorite Emilio scene is when he sneaks into Kayla’s hospital room to leave her the rosary. That was such a sweet scene, and I loved the confrontation afterwards with bulldog!Steve. It was a shame he ended up in the buffoon role.

    I have a soft spot for Jack Deveraux’s word-play and that MA makes him so cerebral/neurotic. But right now I’m up to Emilio’s proposal, and sometimes Jennifer gets this look on her face like, “*These* are my choices? Really?” I’m looking forward to the Cruise Beyond Description and the indestructible diaphragm.

    Mea culpa again — hopefully no unwanted mullets are heading your way! ; )

  9. Well, I Googled him myself to find out!

    Apparently he’s still making music. He’s got a new CD out.

    I don’t know if the mullet is truly history, though, lska! The picture on his main webpage looks like it’s just been toned down a bit.

    No frizzy bangs anymore, too bad.

  10. You will be surprised ,just how many Billy Hufsey fans are still out there, in show biz you read a script, that is written for you. Where are all the other teen 80’s hunks? some I am sure, are out of the spot light and some I know are still entertaining. They are grown now like everyone else.

  11. I remember Billy from Fame and Days of our Lives. I think he is a very talented actor, singer and dancer. He is back into the spotlight again. He has a new CD coming out and a new reality TV show on VH1 so keep an eye out for this!! This is very exciting. Want more details check out his Myspace page and Facebook page!

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