I admit it. When Lucas said, “Don’t be upset, Mrs. Roberts. It’s your wedding day,” I cried. What a beautiful, understated line.

I wish I had seen a few more of Sami’s aborted weddings, so I could talk more specifically about the wedding curse. I’ll just say that it was genius, and torture, to have all the signs pointing toward a repeat of “Sami gets left at the altar” only to turn the formula on its head. I’ve said here multiple times that if Lucas stands by Sami, it would justify this whole storyline. And the Tiny Man came through.

He didn’t just keep an open mind. He believed in her before knowing the facts. That, to me, is love—especially for this couple, for this woman, who has never had anyone stand by her in her life.

(As a side note, it’s funny how I like different things for different couples. When Steve snaps into protective mode and grabs some guy by the shirt front, it always thrills me to the core. Maybe because it’s all part of his “actions speak louder than words” ethos. Seeing Lucas attack EJ, though I certainly wouldn’t object, wouldn’t be satisfying in the same way. But having Lucas stand by Sami, calmly and thoughtfully, as he did, was the perfect thrilling, romantic moment for this couple.)

I read some complaints that Sami shouldn’t have been dealing with so much angst on her wedding day. I beg to differ. Given Sami’s track record, a simple straightforward wedding would have been something of an anticlimax. I loved the moment of the reveal, because I was lulled into a romantic daze by the song and the montage, only to be jerked back into the drama with that incriminating photo. What a surprise! And after months of no drama and going around in circles, what a payoff!

I must say I was disappointed in Kate’s reaction when EJ told her about the rape (though of course he didn’t use the word) and the baby. She immediately latched onto it as something to use against Sami, without even a pause to consider any other factor—and there are many, many other factors. Sami did save her son’s life, didn’t she? EJ did shoot John that night, didn’t he? Sami isn’t in love with EJ, nor did she willingly sleep with him, so why is Kate is convinced that Sami is a trampy bitch out to hurt Lucas? We know Kate is capable of compassion. She felt more than a tremor of guilt for her part in imprisoning Mimi and Max all those months ago. The only thing I can think of is that hating Sami is so central to Kate’s worldview that if she lets herself question it, her whole world will come tumbling down.

I think Kate’s headed for a fall, though, something far worse than a slice of cake to the face. Sliding into bed with the devil—in more ways than one—is going to backfire on her in a big way. There will be a reckoning. Or so I believe.

Lumi were basically stuck as long as Sami was keeping the secret. Now that it’s out, the question is where to go from here. I’m very curious what Sheffer’s version of Lumi is going to be. In terms of plot, I hope Sami will finally provide evidence against EJ, since he no longer has a hold over her. I’d like to see the whole Who’s the Daddy situation dealt with in a grown-up way, with two people wrestling with a difficult situation. Sami and Lucas are off to New Orleans for their honeymoon, and I think the Dimeras have a New Orleans connection. Could this be the beginning of a mystery?

Hogan Sheffer said in an interview that he wanted to make Sami and Lucas like Nick and Nora Charles. I would love this. Bryan Datillo is best sparring and bantering with other characters, and he and Ali Sweeney can be very funny together. It’s a very different dynamic than the one she has with James Scott. It’s younger, yes, and sillier, which is the reason many people preferred Ejami. But if they dialed down the mushy stuff and let Lucas and Sami tease and snipe at each other—and other people—in the course of solving a mystery or perpetrating a scheme, I think I could grow to love Lumi.


6 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. I love your take on this. I really think Hogan meant for Lucas and Sami to grow into being Nick and Nora, that a lot of what he said last fall were his long-term plans, and people misunderstood that all of them were going to happen right away.

  2. Their wedding will go down as one of my favorite weddings probably ever…at least in the era of “modern soap weddings” were we have to have large scale mysteries and no special location shoots for the couple.

    Lucas turning and doing the opposite of what Sami and everyone expected him to do was awesome. For me, what got me teary-eyed was when he asked for her forgiveness and said it was his fault for her not being able to tell him! He hadn’t been there for her in the past so why should she expect him to be there for the future.

    The only bitter moment in it was Kate’s refusal to see what Sami really did. I can’t believe Kate is being this pig-headed. I honestly didn’t expect her to rally and wind up helping Sami in this situation but I thought at least we would get a wise crack from her and a shrug and then mumble a small apology. Instead she made it sound like she was vindicated a bit in knowing Sami and EJ did sleep together (IT’S RAPE!) and the baby may not be Lucas! I cannot wait for Kate to attempt to tell Lucas this but he will already know.

  3. Yes, Tripp, I loved that moment when he said that about it being his fault. I posted this before I watched today’s show—I might have to edit my post.

    julianscat, I think you might be right about the long term vs. short term plans. Some things, like “Big Supercouple Story!” were probably supposed to happen (and didn’t), but longer term character things might have been planned to happen more slowly all along.

  4. For someone who has missed most of LUMI’s past, your analysis of them has been incredibly accurate.

    Like you, I also suspected that the rape would be used as a vehicle to redeem Lucas. It’s just a shame that Hogan got sidetracked with all that Sami/Celeste/Elvis nonsense because it obscured a great character-driven story.

    What I liked about this “payoff” is that it wasn’t based on sweeping anything under the rug. Yesterday’s scenes addressed the number one flaw of Lucas (and LUMI) towards the end of JER’s tenure. Instead of just having Lucas miraculously forgive her, there was acknowledgement that the “old Lucas” would have cut and run. As much as I enjoyed the the wedding/reception, there’s no beating romance grounded in history and meaningful character-growth.

    “I’m ashamed of the man I used to be — the man who doubted everything and everybody, especially you.”

    “It is my fault, all right? It’s my fault. If you didn’t have enough faith in the power of love, it’s my fault because of what I’ve done to you and how much I’ve loved you and left you in the past.”

    “I mean, where the hell do I get off appointing myself your judge and jury?”

    “Who cares? Will you listen to yourself? Rape is rape. It’s never the woman’s fault.”

    Sweet redemption.

  5. Ponz, I fixed it for you. šŸ™‚

    I agree. Those were some great character-driven scenes on Friday. I love the lines you mention. I also liked the one about “EJ was tormenting you and you couldn’t come to me.”

    I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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