The Art of Eyesnogging

A very small thing made me happy yesterday (5/8). Nick and Chelsea exchanged lingering glances as she walked down the aisle as Sami’s bridesmaid. I have found their storyline to be needlessly cluttered lately, and I think this is a strange place to pause, but I’m glad to see the show giving Nick and Chelsea a chance to long for each other a little. Last week we got to hear Chelsea admit to Abby that she knows Nick is the best thing that ever happened to her. We also heard Nick tell Willow—obviously thinking of Chelsea—that sometimes your dreams come true, but they don’t last.

Even better, though, was their small conversation yesterday, and then those longing looks. Blake Berris and Rachel Melvin are the best thing happening in the younger set. They’ve shown that they are excellent with romantic banter, but they can also handle the anger, angst, and sorrow. Now they’ve shown they can deliver those all-important nonverbal moments as well. (And he fact that the director actually filmed those reaction shots was a wonderful thing.)

The other small thing I loved about yesterday was Steve and Kayla connecting, no matter how briefly. I found Steve resurfacing and immediately saying, “Feel like making love?” to be a lovely, funny moment.

Could romance be coming back?


10 thoughts on “The Art of Eyesnogging

  1. LOL; yes, I agree.

    Chick was great yesterday as few scenes as we got with them. I was thrilled to see some eye snogging, something we have been harping for a while now. I hope Chick continues to give us angst but with a few happy, fluffy moments that make them who they are.

    S&K were just super yesterday. SUPER DUPER!!! (Did I just say that). Yesterday’s scenes might be my favorite for the year other than the cute exam Kayla gave Steve before all this stuff hit the fan.

    Can you believe I’m excited about today’s episode?

  2. I loved the Chick eyesnogging yesterday. It amazes me how few couples can really convey the emotions that define a good eyesnog. Or, maybe I was just spoiled because my exposure to the wonders of eyesnogging came from the very best (I’ll let you guess who that is). And, I’m very glad that the show is giving us those little moments again.

    The S&K stuff was fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I loved that Kayla got through to Steve when he was trying to call EJ. It was a total echo to the night he had the knife to EJ’s throat and she was able to break through. Now if I can just pretend that most of the last 3 months didn’t happen, I’m in great shape.

    The “feel like making love” comment, Kayla’s little smile and question, the kiss . . . so, so good. I’ve missed them so much.

  3. I agree on both fronts as well. That moment between Nick and Chelsea was great, and I too have missed moments like that between Steve and Kayla. Their part of the story has improved so much over the last week that I am on the verge of being able to completely dismiss from my mind the wandering nothingness that story has been for the last couple of months as well.

  4. I just rewatched the Steve and Kayla scenes from Tuesday and they are even better on second viewing. SN and MBE really make you feel the connection between these two characters, amidst all the darkness and craziness. That little scene on the floor was even better than the reunion scenes, in my opinion, at least in one way: it feels more earned.

    I am totally willing to forgive and forget the past few months. Fingers crossed for the rest of this storyline.

    I’m also crossing my fingers that with everything else taking center stage, they will stop the obstacles on speed they’ve been giving Chick. Let them slow down and breathe for awhile.

  5. I am really enjoying Chick. I think for the younger set they are the next super couple. They have great potential and the two actors seem to really “get” this.

    Steve and Kayla – what can I say? Love it, love it, love it. They are brilliant at the little nuances. Two great actors.

  6. I’m like you Mary! I want to forget the past few months too. Given nothing happened it’s fairly easy to do. Let’s hope the pay off is worth it.

    Did I mention I’m loving the Chick stuff too?

  7. I have to say, the past few days of Lucas and Sami have brought back even more romance to the show. Especially today, when Lucas told Sami, “Mrs. Roberts, don’t be upset. Not on your wedding day.” ::swoon::

    I love unconventional displays of love, and the way that Lucas took body blow after body blow and still stood strong for her was just beautiful. That’s real romance, the kind that grabs you by the gut and doesn’t let go, and if Sheffer can replicate that sort of meaty, character-driven goodness across all the relationships, I’ll be pretty happy.

  8. I swooned at that today, too, Paula. I got my wish! I was hoping and hoping that this whole scenario existed just for Lucas to redeem himself and to lay the Sami wedding curse to rest.

    This is kind of romance I like. The kind that is true to character and is part of the story. Not just a love scene or a romantic scene that the story stops for. (Though for S&K obviously, I’ll take those too.)

  9. You know what killed me about the Steve and Kayla on the floor scene? When he said he felt like making love, Kayla makes this little noise in her throat — I love it.

  10. It took me awhile before I remembered the scene you were talking about, Flaco! But I finally did. I really, really liked that scene, one of the few really good moments in this run showing the connection between them. There was some really good stuff around the Lumi wedding.

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