Pre-Wedding Jitters

Part of the fun of being spoiler-free is that I can speculate on message boards about what’s going to happen, without being obliged to black it out with spoiler bars. Here I am at the beginning of sweeps, with three storylines looking to finally come to a head: Shelle, Steve-the-pawn, and Sami’s wedding. (It looks like Chick are on the backburner for now.) Let me have a little fun guessing what’s going to happen. And in the interest of being generous to my show, which I love even when I hate it, I am going to wipe away any frustrations I have had with the pacing and with … the pacing for the last three months. Clean slate time.

Let’s start with Shelle and get them out of the way. Shawn has just been shot by Duck, and Phillip—though appearing somewhat regretful over Shawn being shot—has taken Claire and disappeared into the night (though not before pointing out how appalling Shawn and Belle’s parenting has been since they took off on the run). I’m guessing that this Claire custody battle will be settled one way or another by the end of the month, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will be Phillip who gets her. Shawn and Belle might, just might, be more fun to watch if they were childless. Phillip would have no trouble convincing a judge that Shelle are unfit parents now—no bribing necessary. A nice Kiriakis nanny, and the White twins can disappear for awhile until Claire is SORASed into a snooty Kiriakis bitch who looks down on the working class Bradys.

The other option—which I admit is probably more likely—would be for Claire to be hurt or nearly hurt in some way because of the actions of all three parents, forcing them to see the light and make peace. I’m guessing Duck has already played his role in the plot (though on the TWoP boards some absolute genius mentioned the idea of pairing Duck up with Kate) but Gabby and her dead child have not been used. They seemed to be toying with a Hand that Rocks the Cradle storyline there for awhile, and one thing I could see is Gabby going bat shit crazy and grabbing Claire, forcing Shawn, Belle, and Phillip to join forces to get her back. But I’m guessing that the fact of Gabby’s dead child, if it’s used at all, will only be to lend credibility to her role as the voice of reason. Say if her child died through parental infighting and neglect.

(I suppose I need hardly mention that the wee Willow spawn which Shawn has so conveniently neglected to mention to Belle is going to be The Obstacle when they get back. Stop fathering children, Shawn D!)

The more interesting, to me, Shawn storyline is Bo and EJ’s respective determination to find him. EJ, to kill him, and Bo, to rescue him. It seems quite obvious that EJ intends for Steve to be the one to kill Shawn, which is actually a good plan (at least as far as the always needlessly complicated Dimera plans go), since Shawn trusts Steve and would not be on his guard against him. Steve was rescued from the hospital by Kayla, Adrienne, and Bo, but I imagine EJ will capture Steve after all (after some hot on-the-run sex or almost!sex between Steve and Kayla—come on, show Shelle how it’s done! Please?) I could see Steve, about to kill Shawn, with Bo—or better, Kayla—running up to stop him and try to get through to him. Will realSteve or pawnSteve win out?

That pretty much takes care of my speculation for Steve’s story during sweeps as well, though the big question is what will happen to him afterwards. If he doesn’t kill Shawn, which I’m guessing he won’t, we’re still left with how much longer will he be a pawn? I like the idea of Steve being all evil, but only if he’s wily and crafty and evil, not zombie evil. I’m thinking this will be wrapped up soon after his “kill Shawn” mission, and Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie will be left to deal with the fallout. This is where the show could do a really interesting meaty storyline with Steve’s self-hatred for how he’s treated them both, especially Kayla. What I would like is to see that unfold slowly, with his relationship with Stephanie especially being earned over time. After all, they barely know each other. At the same time I would like Steve to be recovering his memories from his time as a pawn (and please let him have been an actual pawn on missions, not just tortured for 16 years straight), which would be clues in a summer mystery. I dearly want to see the good guys (and gals!) of Salem working together and actually figuring things out and acting on them.

Next, Sami. Since the wedding is “today” (as of yesterday 5/7) I’m guessing this will be the big event of the week. First of all, the secret of the rape and paternity question damn well better come out this week. Let me rewind for a moment and quote myself, from a blog entry back in January:

I’m hoping that Lucas will stand up for Sami at her lowest point, when all seems to go against her. This doesn’t mean that Lucas won’t have a hard time dealing with the fact that Sami and EJ did the deed, coerced or not, especially if a Who’s the Daddy situation is in effect. But I want him to do his damnedest to rise above it, because he knows Sami is worth it.

(those interested in reading the entire entry can click here: Redeeming Lumi)

Given that this is what I want to happen, there are two satisfying scenarios for this. One, Kate or EJ reveal all at the wedding, painting it as black as possible, just in time for the cliffhanger ending. Next episode Lucas calmly says, “So?” or turns to Sami and says, “I can’t believe he put you through that,” and hugs her. The other satisfying scenario is that Sami finally tells Lucas the truth and he accepts it, and she then goes on to help the police with her testimony about the night of the rape and helping EJ escape. (I just realized that any evidence in the cabin would have burnt to the ground. Maybe that’s why EJ chose that cabin—since we now know he planned the fire, as asinine as that is.) If Lucas stands by Sami, as idiotically as she’s been acting, it would go a long, long way to justify this storyline. I need hardly say that the wedding needs to actually take place as well. Oh, and Kate needs to pay, big time, for all the shit she’s been pulling. It would be great if she switched sides after hearing about the rape, too, but I’m not holding my breath for that one. A cease-fire would be enough—and maybe Kate and Sami could be “mortal enemies working together” to bring down EJ. I have long hoped that the only reason we were watching a “Sami’s secret and wedding” storyline was to explode it from the inside by having it turn out completely differently.

What I’m afraid of is that the secret won’t come out after all, and that would piss me off. But I choose to be more hopeful than that.

Oh, and let’s not forget about John, languishing in his coma. We know that EJ told John about “the second assassin” back in December (who was supposed to kill Bo and Steve, remember? We haven’t heard about that for awhile), which I took to mean Steve at the time. At this point, that’s old news, so John waking up to reveal that would be pretty anti-climactic. I would love it if there was some kind of twist (Days needs more of these), if John woke up and said, “It’s Hope! The second assassin is Hope!” (Remember, she had missing years too!) But what does that mean—more brainwashing? Eh, I’ll pass. Maybe there’s something else John could reveal? A hint as to the origin of the Dimera/Brady feud? Or maybe just that Bo’s life is in danger from Steve. That would pick up a forgotten story thread.

I posted awhile back that I am hoping the get-EJ storyline will come back to the frontburner after the current storylines are wrapped up. And if you have Sami, and Lucas, and Shawn, and Steve, and Kate, and Billie all able to supply testimony and evidence against EJ and unite with Bo, a woken-up John … and the police (sigh, I guess), that would make me very happy. The only question is how we can keep the delectable James Scott on the canvas afterward. Good twin?


3 thoughts on “Pre-Wedding Jitters

  1. Maybe EJ was also a brainwashed pawn, which comes out when he’s captured. Or was he? He cops an insanity plea, gets out, and pretends to be reforming. Goes to Dr. Marlena Evans for therapy, tries to make amends to the Johnson family, even flirts with/tries to convince Stephanie that he’s a changed man. All the while we’re waiting for the Sami-spawn to be born and the paternity to be established…and we’re all holding our breaths wondering if EJ’s telling the truth or lying…

  2. Good speculation, Mary. Sometimes I wish I went spoiler free…not just for the shock value but if I speculated sans spoilers and got it right, I feel so much more vindicated in that knowledge.

    I still can’t get over your conspiracy theory holds up so much water right now. All story lines are moving forward and it’s maddening to think of the cycle we were in. I am loving the S&K stuff obviously but the other stuff is moving again too. I think your scenarios of Shelle and Phillip may be right but not sure which direction they will go in. I try to like Shelle, I do. But it’s tough. 😀

  3. I like the idea of a semi-reformed EJ, reformed to the level Phillip or Victor, perhaps, where his motives are human and make sense but he still has some bad in him. (And I love the idea of us not knowing whether he’s sincere—as long as he’s not all-knowing anymore.)

    EJ and Stephanie: we were talking about that on TWoP once and Tripp said it would create a great source of conflict for Kayla, since she would be predisposed to approve of her daughter’s choice because of what she (Kayla) went through with Steve, but then if the choice were EJ …

    Tripp, I’m so glad the stories are moving. I think that’s the main reason I wrote this post, to celebrate that fact.

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