Steve & Kayla: no new chapter—again

Sorry, folks, between Easter and children being sick and me being sick (with rage) at Ken Corday, I haven’t had time to finish my next Steve and Kayla chapter.

I’ll leave you with one beautiful scene—which you can see here: Kayla thanks Steve

This is an echo of an earlier scene—during the Frankie and Max storyline—when Kayla thanked Steve and kissed his cheek. But that kiss was sweet, and this one is smoking hot.

Enjoy. I’ll try to have the next chapter up over the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Steve & Kayla: no new chapter—again

  1. Sorry you were sick. It’s funny you should bring up that cheek kiss after he rescues her from Orpheus. I just rewatched it. I love the part where she goes back in and watches him sleep.

    For me, this is basically where Kayla can no longer deny her feelings for Steve,at least to herself. She really thought he was dead and the devastation that caused within her made her face the fact she was in love with Steve. She isn’t ready to declare her love for him, but her going back in there and watching him sleep I imagine she’s saying a prayer thanking God that He protected Steve. Or that’s how I saw it.

  2. I hope everybody’s feeling better mp.

    I love that scene between S&K because it has everything a good soap scene should. You have the argument, the tenderness of the goodnight kiss, the UST running rampant and the introspective moments for both characters. It’s just beautiful.

    And, I agree with Tripp. I think Kayla realizes she’s head over heels at this point.

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Was it Ken Corday or something from the kids? 🙂

    Ah, I love that kiss. I miss the tender moments they shared. I agree with tripp’s comments about Kayla’s feelings. I think she’s still a little confused by them. She wants to move forward but Steve is so different from anyone she’s ever known.

    I miss the writers from back then, they knew they had good actors and wrote for them.

  4. Wasn’t one of the writers the writer who wrote the Luke and Laura story? IIRC, SN & MBE claimed he should get the credit for writing their story.
    I think they should hire him again. Unfortunately, he is writing novels now and for some strange reason doesn’t want to write for soaps anymore.

  5. densie, I hadn’t heard that. But I wasn’t paying attention to writers then. All I know know is that Sheri Anderson was HW through 1986, so she was in charge during the first part of their story, and Leah Laiman from 86-89. After that, well …

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