Wednesday 3/28

The TWoP forums seem to be in working order again—hopefully they’ll stay that way! I’ll leave my comments up here, but I’ve posted over at TWoP now as well.

I loved seeing Steve be all snarky again, but I’m as confused as you, esp, as to what made the change. I guess it was overhearing Kayla and the conversation they had afterward. I’m not sure where they’re going with this.  Is he going to follow Max and Kayla to “Italy”?  Is he going to go live with EJ at the Dimera mansion?  Either one would be great, but I’m worried we’re just going to see him captured and brought back to the hospital again.  Much as I’d like to see Ninja!Marlena again, it just seems so unnecessary. I’d like to see him really get treatment—I love Dr. Kraft! I’d even watch Marlena!—rather than watching him have a fight with a hospital orderly, and try to escape again. Now he says he’s going back to Kayla instead of just leaving town, so that’s a step forward, I suppose.

I liked Max and Kayla today, especially the nod to history. And I would much rather watch Kayla with him than with ChrisNotRoman.  I can’t stand to watch those two together, because it makes me remember when Steve was jealous of Kayla and Chris.  ::shudder::

I am starting to wonder what’s up with Marlena (and John) and Bo and Hope not getting any airtime. It’s really pretty egregious.  Maybe Steve’s stuff today is setup for some big plot twist, I don’t know, but it mostly felt like filler. We haven’t gotten even filler stuff with Bo and Hope lately. Yesterday they were on (and I enjoyed their scenes, especially Hope and Chelsea), but it wasn’t from their POV, if you know what I mean. Even the fire was more about Willow, Chelsea, and EJ. They could have milked some good drama out of the fire, with Hope rescuing the baby (after a cliffhanger) and Bo rushing in, etc etc. Very very strange.

Shelle have been improving but today was pretty dull. Gabby continues to generate more heat with Shawn than Belle.

All in all, not much going on. But Steve and Kayla AND Nick and Chelsea tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 3/28

  1. esp13 wrote:

    I can’t get it. I’ve only been able to access it in the morning at work. Usually I lose access by about noon. I guess I’m going to have to download Firefox.

    Since I can’t get in, I’ll just post my thoughts about today’s episode. I loved Max and Kayla. I’ve always kind of liked DB, but I only really liked Max when he was stuck in the church with Mimi (good banter, good chemistry) and in his confrontation with Philip after the Clairenapping. Other than that, he’s been pretty bland. But, I thought he was really good with Kayla and I thought DB and MBE did a great job with the brother/sister vibe. I really hope this isn’t a one-time thing and they carry this relationship through beyond this particular plot point.

    I loved seeing the real Steve back today. He was snarky, funny, and standing up for the underdog. I also loved the references to getting back to Kayla. My only complaint is that that change (while welcomed) really wasn’t explained well enough for me. As much as I loved the scene, I have a hard time buying that Kayla’s plea to Dr. Kraft is what turned everything around. She’s told Steve a million times how much she loves him. There just needed to be a bit more from him to explain his sudden change of heart. Like I said, I love the change, but I feel like I didn’t quite get the full payoff for having them remove my heart with a melonballer for three weeks.

    I can’t really comment on Shelle because, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t take them today. I’ve been good and not FF’d in quite a while, but I had to today. I presume the appearance of the sheriff signals the next stage of Shawn and Belle’s adventure.

  2. I look forward to hearing your comments on today’s episode too. Speaking of issues with websites, my wordpress blog is acting weird and incredibly slow. I don’t think I’m having that issue here. Your site loads really fast.

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