Monday 3/26

I’m missing the TWoP forums, which are down right now—that’s where I usually write my thoughts on each episode. But since I can’t do it there tonight, I’ll do it here instead.

Interesting episode today. Not earth-shatteringly good, but there was some movement in the stories. Hope came out and said she believed Chelsea, and there was a nice nod to FancyJudgmentalFace when she said, “If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s not to rush to judgment.” I am somewhat reluctantly respecting Hope more than Billie here, because Billie is acting like she believed in Chelsea all along and never doubted her, when that isn’t the case. Hope was honest; she said she wasn’t sure before but now she believes her. Whether she still will when the Incrimating Hairbrush is found is another question.

I was screaming at Chelsea, “Jed was with you! Jed was with you!” Please tell me they’re not going to forget that!

Why is Bo handling this case? Oh, right, because there are only three police officers in town, and two of them are related to Chelsea and the other one is going blind.

Sami planning her wedding completely made me zone out and [whispers] I may have fast-forwarded—just a little—during the meeting with the Knot lady. [/whispers]. I did like the final scene, with the “Surprise!” and EJ opening the door as Celeste made her threat.

Phillip and EJ were a whole lotta hotness. I didn’t get the BDSM vibe from them that I always got from EJ and Patrick. Sigh. I miss that.

Shelle. Their scenes were a bit better today, because it was something different. I like Gabby, though another girl falling for Shawn seems totally too much. I’m still hoping she’s got some other agenda—like she’s desperate to get the United States or something. Anyway, when Shawn apologized to Belle for pressuring her to sleep with him/love him, and said he was ready to live for himself (read: screw Gabby), and she got that dismayed expression on her face, it was pretty funny.

Now that I’ve given them that (somewhat backhanded) compliment, I’m going to turn around and take it away. This isn’t fair, but I’ve been watching Steve and Kayla clips this week for my story analysis. One thing the actors never forgot was how each character felt about the other. Now the writing helped them out a lot, because this was the supercouple era, after all. But Shawn seemed too content with his statement at the end there. If Belle is the love of his life, shouldn’t he be sending signals that this is difficult for him, or that he’s pissed and is hoping for a jealous reaction? Usually I feel like I’m giving Supercouple 101 lectures to Martha Madison, but Brandon Beemer dropped the ball there.


16 thoughts on “Monday 3/26

  1. OMG! Supercouple 101! That would be such an awesome class!

    Seriously, I liked yesterday’s episode. I did enjoy the Hope/Chelsea talk even though Hope agreeing with everything Chelsea said was a bit much, even for her. “That’s right! Willow is paying for Jed’s tuition. He does have a reason to lie.” It made me giggle.

    EJ and Phillip were great together but I doubt EJ will be able to beat Phillip down like he could Patrick. I’m’ still hoping for a Victor/EJ turf war.

  2. I thought yesterday’s episode was good as well. I’m liking Duck and Gabby more and more, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it makes the Shelle stuff mildly interesting. Instead of wondering if they can be even more stupid, I can wonder what Gabby and Duck are really about. I will say that I got the tinsiest hint of chemistry between BB and MM when Belle went down to get Shawn to put Claire to bed. After he said he was thinking of sleeping in their room if it was okay with her, she gave this little look. It wasn’t anything major, but it was at least something.

    I love the idea of a Supercouples 101 class. How to convey longing through touch and eye contact would be a good place to start. Also, a class on UST expressed through arguments would be great.

  3. Unresolved Sexual Tension — a staple of any supercouple, supercouple in training, or heck, just a couple that they want viewers to be interested in.

  4. My feeling is that there are actors who are great at the slow build of chemistry/longing, and that it’s related to character consistency. Other actors are fine scene by scene, but they aren’t thinking about the long-term relationships that a character is building, unless it’s in the script.

    That’s the problem I see with MM and BB. When the script calls for it they are capable of showing affection at least, but when the script calls for them to do something else like talk about Claire, fight about sleeping arrangements, whatever, they competently convey what the scene calls for but not much else.

    This might be a holdover from JER days for some actors on the show, since you might be called to be in love with someone totally different next week. Doesn’t exactly encourage you to build a consistent characterization.

    This elusive thing we call “chemistry” is partly inherent with what’s between the actors, but it’s party ACTING. To use S&K as an example again, they had nice chemistry at first, of course, but the part I’m watching now—Stockholm—it’s just sizzling, whether they’re bonding, fighting, or just sharing the screen talking to other people. And that fits with where the characters are now, and the more subtle chemistry they had at first fit with where they were then.

  5. I agree, marypickford. I think a big part of chemistry is acting. In an interview, SN once said that what everybody else called chemistry, was really just hard work, trust, and commitment. I think there is something to an innate connection between actors as well, but mostly I think he’s right.

    SN and MBE have both talked about how hard they worked together and with writers and directors to shape their scenes. In turn, that comes across as you described. In each part of their story, the underlying emotions were consistent in each scene.

    With MM and BB, there is no consistency. Sometimes I almost start to feel like they really do love eachother, and the next scene its back to some brother/sister vibe, then to something else entirely.

  6. Well MB did say on Soaptalk last summer that the actors don’t rehearse like they did in teh old days. That Missy Reeves took her aside and said there was no rehearsels anymore. (Note: All I could do was think “and it shows”) MB and SN insisted they will continue to work on scenes together and I can always lvoe them for that.

    You know, maybe that is why Deidre has gone downhill this century. If they rehearsed in the 80s and maybe early 90s, it would explain how she was better back than now.

  7. That’s great a point, mp. MM and BB do seem like they’re it script by script without bothering to get to know their characters or look at the big picture.

    Tripp, when you say the actors don’t rehearse anymore, do you mean just amongst themselves or in general? I ask because I was skimming through the Hayes’ book the other day and Bill described his first day on the set – they would film in the morning and rehearse on set for the next day’s taping. Everyone would be there, practicing the shots and angles, reading their lines, and everyone – actors, directors, etc. – would take notes in their scripts. They don’t do any of that now? Wow.

  8. I took what MB said to be, well, both. She made it sound like actors got their scrips and then when they came together was when they shot the scene. Or maybe there would be a “run through” and then shoot the scene. Course it could just be that in the past actors would arrange to work on dialog together and such and that was what MB meant didn’t happen anymore. She did make it clear that her and SN would always rehearse together.

  9. Hey, I think they’re back up! I just checked. But I have Firefox and I’ve been having fewer problems. Let me know if you can’t get it and we can talk about the ep here.

  10. Yea, I posted my thoughts on my blog *Shameless display of pimping site*

    I liked Max and Kayla up to a point but I really don’t think Darrin was up to the scenes. I don’t know. He just bugs. I’m sorry. I feel like I should apologize. It’s not like anywhere near as bad as Jed.

    I did love seeing old school Steve. He was a riot walking around that place. I also love Dr. Kraft too. I’m so glad they got a capable actress to play opposite SN.

    I did watch Shelle today, something I’m known to FF through. I’m sorry I did. The American Sheriff indeed. Are they in Hazard County?

  11. Oh, I’m back. I wanted to say the forums are back up it appears (at least using Firefox. Firefox is awesome by the way. I’m such a geek.) The main site is still down for me though.

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