Bad Seed Bradys

The weaving together of storylines is back. The quality dialogue is back. The momentum and energy are back.

Hooray for NotSweeps!

Some of my favorite scenes of the week were Chelsea and Sami together. Poor Chelsea is feeling very alone after the revelation that her new MaybeBoyfriend slept with her mother. Oh, and her father thinks she set fire to his house. Sami knows a thing or two about being in bad with everyone, so she was in the unfamiliar position of being able to mother someone (I haven’t forgotten Will, I just think Sami acts like an eager-to-please beagle around him, not a mother). I loved the moment when Chelsea was upset and Lucas went to her, but Sami waved him off and took Chelsea in her arms. That was a nice couple moment for Sami and Lucas, too.

Chelsea seems immune to the EJ charm. Good for her.

Speaking of EJ, we need James Scott to shoot a little scene. EJ is camped out by Stefano’s bedside, or even just chatting with him on his cell phone. He says, “Yes, Steve is handily under my control. I don’t even have to use the tarot card anymore. Rightnow he’s a mass of free-flowing violence and aggression. All he needs is the suggestion of a target and he’ll be good to go. The only thing that worries me is his tiresome soft spot for Kayla. But I’m confident if we keep him away from her that everything will go smoothly.”

The reason we need this? Internal logic. I’m guessing that, like me, most viewers don’t know someone personally who has been brainwashed.(Safe bet?) We need someone on the show to clue us in so we know what to expect. Is all going according to plan? Is Steve’s violence and anger part of the brainwashing, or is Steve fighting against the brainwashing? We probably haven’t heard about EJ’s plans for Steve because there’s a surprise coming up, but we need a framework of reference.

I wasn’t going to mention this because it’s so depressing, but the ratings for last week (week of 3/5) were some of the lowest ever for Days. I will agree that February wasn’t terrific, but it was still better than anything I saw that JER did. And last week was when it got better again!

I don’t get it.


11 thoughts on “Bad Seed Bradys

  1. Chelsea seems immune to the EJ charm. Good for her.

    Perhaps her run in with Dr. Pervert has taught Chelsea to sharpen her Creep detector?

    I am depressed of the ratings too. I need to stop going to certain boards out there but if the rumors are true that TPTB do go there, I feel like SOMEONE should be speaking logic that Hogan is doing a semi-decent job. I tried to reason last night that if they fire him, JERk comes back and that appeals to them in their twisted logic. It doesn’t matter how horrific the storyline is, as long as their “favorites” are featured, they will watch. If it involves a talking dog or mysterious children that could be from outer space, than fine.

    You really can’t reason with fans like that.

  2. Well, I don’t know about John and Marlena, but I remember fall 05 didn’t feature Bo and Hope in their own storyline at all. Bo was occasionally shown at the police station, and Hope was shown interacting with Jennifer. When Zack died, of course, they got their own storyline, but do people not remember how painful it was watching Hope be a judgmental ass and believe Patrick over Bo? Or how heavily Chelsea was featured when she was the most unbearable person on the show?

    Sigh. Well, I hope the ratings were an aberration. It wasn’t that long ago that we were at 2.7.

  3. I made that same argument to them over there. That last year at this time Bo/Hope did have the Zack storyline but that got lost in the mix because Bo and Hope were spending more time at each other’s throats. I also reflected that Marlena was hypnotized (again) by Alex North which should have been horrific for J/M fans to watch her choose him over their beloved John.

    But over at those boards there are huge discussions comparing HS to JERk and JERk always seems to win for some reason. I think if it takes talking dogs, trips to Eden and horrendous acting to keep fans watching the show, it might be time for DOOL to “retire” and leave the airwaves.

    But that’s only if Corday allows Hogan to tie up ends in a logical and satisfying way.

  4. The most recent ratings are, to put it mildly, depressing. But, I can’t imagine how anybody would actually prefer JERk to Hogan. I guess I can’t buy the rationale that a crappy storyline is better than no storyline. If that were the case then I wouldn’t be wishing that MBE had left in 1990 instead of 1992.

  5. This could be totally wrong, esp13, but I read somewhere a few months ago that JER’s plan for Steve and Kayla was to put Steve with Billie (as we saw) and—wait for it—Kayla with JACK.

    It would be just like JERk, I think, to have Jack suddenly “realize” that he was still in love with Kayla all these years later. And don’t even get me started on what he would have done to Kayla to make that happen.

  6. Mary, if you remember when NickNotSteve was driving Jack back to Salem, he asked Jack about how come he knew so much of Kayla. The weird thing was Jack mad a face that was “fondly” instead of being guilty IMO.

    And I’m with ESP. How anyone could prefer JERk over HS is absurd. I really hate the Sony boards. Today there was a thread that actively insisted that Marlena has the brain and Kayla looked wimpy and stupid compared to her.

  7. Well, look on the bright side … at least they watched the show. 🙂

    I remember that conversation Jack and NickNotSteve had, too. Jack said, “The first time I saw her I thought she looked like an angel.” And Steve said, “Are you talking about my wife, or yours?”


  8. Oh god, I think I need a spork just for reading about the possibility of Jack and Kayla. I just can’t imagine how that could have EVER been justified. I also can’t imagine MBE and MA actually going through with it, although I suppose they probably wouldn’t have had much choice.

    I do remember that scene in the car with NicknotSteve and Jack. At the time, I took it more as a subtle reference to the Jack/Kayla/Steve history, but now I wonder if it wasn’t something more.

    I don’t like fan ultimatums (if you do that, I’m gone), but honestly, the Jack/Kayla thing — if it had happened — may have been my “cross the uncrossable line” moment.

    ::still shuddering::

  9. You are right ESP. I would probably wind up having to leave the show too (and I hate it when extreme fans use that to point out their hatred of a story) if they had put Jack and Kayla together. I mean, that would be as bad if Shane and Kayla had happened, which it didn’t of course.

    Oh, and did ya’ll hear the rumor that JERk was going to actually have Steve be “rediscovered” being a clown? (Ok, I can’t remember if it was a rodeo clown or a clown at kid’s birthday parties but both are horrendous ideas).

  10. As a soap writer, Hogan is a thousand times better than JER. He gives viewers real insights into the characters and has, for the most part, written them as individuals. JER’s “characters” were nothing more than instruments for whatever insipid plot he had cooked up. He once said in an interview that he preferred writing for Passions because he didn’t have to concern himself with the pesky nuisance of character history. The PLOT was all that mattered.

    Hogan takes care to give his characters understandable motives and behaviour that has a context. So even when characters make bad decisions, you can sympathise with them and continue to root for them. For example, I don’t LIKE that Sami is keeping the rape a secret from Lucas but I understand WHY she is doing it. Because JER consistently failed to establish this kind of understanding, one would often end up disliking the supposed heroes/heroines.

    The low ratings are a concern. While I agree that the show is much better quality-wise than the numbers suggest, I’m not entirely surprised they’ve dropped this low. I think one has to acknowledge the detrimental effect of having so many unfamiliar faces dominating the canvas at one time. The likes of EJ, Nick, Willow, nuShawn and so forth are being featured 5 days a week in place of established core characters. Even Steve & Kayla are essentially “new” to any viewer who started watching after 1992. Add to this the departure of veterans like Jack, Jennifer, Lexie etc. and the effect on viewers is very jarring.
    In a genre where continuity and familiarity are crucial, DAYS was always likely to be punished for this. Although their absence has not bothered me, I can see why it’s imperative that Bo, Hope, John & Marlena be utilised more freqeuntly in the coming months.

    Finally, I think the low ratings also reflect poor pacing of the storylines. Hogan build alot of momentum at the end of 2006 but he failed to capitalise on any of it. The Sami/Lucas/EJ story has been been stagnant for over 2 months now. Shawn & Belle “on the run” has been equally draggy and monotonous. And there was little follow-through on John’s shooting or the birth of Bo/Hope’s baby. The big events happened and then the characters were shunted to the back backburner.

    I find that the day-to-day writing is excellent but the show has been lacking in much excitement or momentum since December. This week and last week have been better, though, and I’m hoping this will be reflected in the ratings. I do think that the show desperately needs some kind of big, ensemble event to really get viewers interested again.

  11. Excellent comment, Ponz. I agree with you regarding Hogan’s characters. One thing I particularly hated about JER is how Billie was in love with Bo forever and could never move on, but Sami was in love with Lucas and then turned around and stared chasing Austin immediately, who was in love with Carrie who was in love with him but then she turned to Lucas and was supposedly in love with him (“in a different way” of course) and then Austin figured he might as well get with Sami. Ugh. My brain hurts just from typing that. Hogan’s characters are recognizable from day to day.

    You’re probably right about the new faces. I think of Steve and Kayla as being vets, but obviously they’re not familiar to everyone. And I know that for some reason J&M fans have it in for Steve and Kayla (even before SheetGate!).

    Here’s hoping that the momentum will continue to pick up, and by May there will be some exciting umbrella story with the “big four” and the rest of the cast mixing it up together.

    Thanks for commenting—very insightful.

    ETA: Tripp, I heard the clown rumor as well. I heard that he was going to be a clown at little Theo’s birthday party, with amnesia of course. So strange.

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