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WordPress lets me know what search terms make people click on this blog. Ironically, I’m afraid, many people seem to find me through looking for “Steve and Kayla spoilers” or “Shelle spoilers” and I’m afraid they must be disappointed.

Not as disappointed, however, as the person who ended up here with the search term “deflower virgin.” I’m guessing this person was not eagerly tracking down commentary on Nick Fallon’s storyline.


9 thoughts on “Search me

  1. BWAH!! That’s hilarious. Who knows though, maybe he read your blog and then watched Days to get some tips from Billie.

  2. LOL. Well, I am going to start searching on “De-virginator” on Google. LOL.

    As for people looking for spoilers, I think they may be disappointed but surely the title of your blog quickly lets them know so they can move on? (And I think the Shelle people by now are used to disappointment).

  3. Heh, you guys crack me up.

    Totally off-topic, but if you read this, Tripp, I have a question for you. A few weeks back you referred to a uncoming event that you thought supported my theory that PsychoPatch was supposed to follow NickNotSteve (without the Kayla reunion in between). Were you referring to Steve going to Billie for help?

  4. Yes, it was Mary. Not sure how [the spoiler] was going to play out when I said it earlier. I just wondered given that if NickNotSteve was supposed to possibly still be with Billie by the time he lost it 100% (or closer to her than Kayla). More than likely w/o the Kayla reunion, I think NickNotSteve and Billie would have gone their separate ways (Billie not being able to handle Nick’s psycho stunts that would have began to manifest). I could see her pulling Kayla into this, and then possibly redeeming herself.

    I also wonder if that is why the Nick/Billie hookup was so….sloppish? It does provide great angst [with Chick] and Billie’s sleeping with Nick is explained fairly well….but I think they sort of glossed over Nick feeling sorry for himself in regards to Chelsea hating him. It could have been fleshed out more (or what I wish…he had joined Billie in drinking and so he was drunk too before they started kissing).

    Not sure if I’m making any sense. I’m sort of trying to still wake up here so forgive me. I tend to rattle on when I’m not making sense and that will result in people going “huh?”

  5. You are making sense (to me anyway)–that Billie’s hookup with Nick happened with not much buildup. That would make sense if Billie’s storyline was quickly changed. Just as Steve and Kayla’s reunion happened with not much buildup. If the two things are connected by a last minute rewrite …

    Anyway, it might have been interesting, to watch Billie not be able to deal with PsychoPatch and call Kayla in to save the day!

  6. OMG, I just had to come back over here and tell you I had someone find my site by the combination “suck myself”.

    Ok, you might have gotten more dirty searches this post but today’s is my first. I know now that I have entered the public domain.

  7. Oh, that’s funny, Tripp. But maybe that person really was looking for Marlena info?

    I haven’t gotten that many dirty searches. I got another variation on “deflower virgin” which makes sense because now I’ve talked about it more than once (oops, there I go again!).

    I had one person find me through searching for “Dr. Shane Patton.” I thought that was cute.

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