Steve & Kayla—no new chapter

I’m sorry to say there will be no installment in the Steve and Kayla story (80’s version) this week because I got behind in my clip watching. I was, however, coincidentally watching the scenes where Steve is arrested for Britta’s murder on the same day that 2007 Steve was arrested and committed for stealing John from the hospital. Someone on Hogan’s writing team has been doing their homework. Here’s some snippets of dialogue from Friday’s show:

Steve: “I was just gonna leave town, get out of everybody’s life. But you wanted to help. What is this help? You know what they’re going to do to me? They’re gonna lock me in with all the psychos, killers, and perverts, and I won’t be able to protect myself.”

Kayla: “I will not let that happen.”

Steve: “You already have, baby. You’re the one who got this ball rolling, you can’t stop it now.”

And here, from 1986, after Kayla encourages Steve to turn himself in, and her evidence (she heard Steve threaten Britta) is used against him to arrest him:

Steve: “I need to look out for number one, and that means not sitting here and listening to any more of your self-righteous crap.”

Kayla: “Dammit, Steve, I am going to help you whether you like it or not.”

Steve: “You can’t help me! So just forget it, will you? Just get out of my life. Every time you try to help it just causes me more pain.”

I love it!

I’ll try to have the next installment up by next weekend at the latest!


19 thoughts on “Steve & Kayla—no new chapter

  1. I thought of that same scene from 1986 when I saw Friday’s show too. The parallels were undeniable and its yet more evidence that Hogan gets Steve and Kayla and is trying to take us back to their early days — just in a different way.

    There have been quite a few posters on various message boards who have insisted that Steve would NEVER talk to Kayla like he did on Friday and that Hogan has ruined the character. I have to laugh at that because if you look at the scene you described as well as the scene where Kayla tells Steve about Adrienne’s rape, it is clear that Steve was very capable of being cold and hurtful and even cruel towards Kayla. I’m loving Hogan for showing us Steve as the wounded soul who’s first instinct is to push away anybody who tries to love him and Kayla as the one person who never, ever gave up on him and who always saw the man her really was — even if he refused to see it.

  2. Yes, Steve could be very cruel to Kayla in those early days. I think it’s because he wanted to trust her so much, so he was extra angry when he felt betrayed by her. I almost can’t blame people for not remembering Steve like that, because when I rewatched those early scenes I was really surprised at it. But that’s what made their love story so special! It really was a redemption. Saying the character is “ruined” is so short-sighted. Sigh.

    I haven’t watched the scenes around Adrienne’s rape as recently, but I remember Steve from that time being pretty scary. At the time he was being sweet to Kayla (before blaming her for the rape), but no one else. His hostility to Adrienne when she first came to town was very strong. He was always grabbing her and pushing her around.

    I can’t wait for Kayla to step up this time (2007, that is). This is what she does best—helping him despite himself.

  3. I have read your opinions on TWoP about Hogan’s earlier plotline being rushed to give us a temporarily reunion; you surmised Hogan’s original plan may have been to go from passionless Nick hanging around Billie (who provokes no emotion) to then him going psycho and recalling on Patch’s attitudes. It’s an interesting evolution…NickNotSteve, PsychoPatch and ultimately the real Steve Johnson.

    I won’t get into spoilers but something on the horizon makes me believe your theory holds up very well.

    As for posters saying Steve was ruined, well they said the same thing when Steve first came to town as Nick. He was emotionless and hanging around Billie which was horrific to watch but I still feel that Steve was never the WORST to Kayla than when Marina came to town. Now those are painful clips to watch.

  4. Hmm, you’ve intrigued me. But since this is “spoiler-free Days,” I can’t ask you about it! (PsychoPatch—hee!)

    The Marina storyline was probably prompted by the concern that Steve was getting too domesticated, but it didn’t make sense. Why not tell Kayla he’d been married to Marina and thought she was dead? He was being mean and secretive for no reason.

    Unless the brainwashing started then!

  5. Not only have the writers been doing their homework, but the directors as well. Those shots of Steve inside the cop office, with the door over his shoulder, were just eerie. All we needed was Drake in the shoulder holster. . .

  6. The retcon of Steve’s history with Marina was the biggest problem with that storyline. I recently rewatched a large portion of that storyline and couldn’t help but get the feeling that the writers couldn’t even explain why Steve would have kept his history with Marina a secret since they never did have Steve explain it. Every time Kayla asked him why he couldn’t tell her, he just hemmed and hawed and fell back on the “I thought she was dead” and “I didn’t want to hurt you” lines.

    But, I have to admit that despite the painfully bad retcon, the Marina storyline is one of my favorites — at least from the point where Kayla returns from Italy. It’s S&K angst at it’s best, maybe even better than during the Jack storyline, because of the added emotion of Kayla’s pregnancy. Plus, some of the scenes between Jack and Kayla are simply amazing.

    One other note — I rewatched the clips of S&K after the rape last night and one of them was when Kayla goes to the police station to press charges against Jack and tells Roman what happened. Drake may not be the best actor in daytime, but his scenes with MBE were always good and that one was particularly touching. It makes me miss RoJohn so much, and makes me want John out of his coma so we could get some scenes with he and Kayla.

  7. I was much more of a purist back then about plot holes and retcons—these days I’m more forgiving as long as they do something interesting with it. Now, if they don’t do ANYTHING interesting with it, that pisses me off.

    The Marina retcon bothered me at the time for an odd reason—I kindof loved Britta. I loved what Britta represented at that time of his life, all the badness and hatefulness but all the (potential) sweetness and generosity, and loyalty, too. The fact that he loved her more than she deserved, and was faithful and loyal to her, mattered to the Steve character. That’s why the thought of him marrying someone else—even if he thought she was dead—bugged me.

    I haven’t watched those clips since the 80’s! I suppose I ought to give them another whirl.

    Jack, Steve, and Kayla were great at that time, though. I love practically everything about the Jack and Steve storyline, from start to finish.

    Loved RoJohn. I never liked making him notRoman, especially since it took away all his nice connections on the canvas (like to Kayla) and made him all about Marlena. And I miss his gun holster!

  8. *jumping back into this conversation because I can’t shut up about S&K*

    Rewatching the clips, Marina came right after the Daniel Lucas storyline and something I noted was when the ISA was talking to Steve about how they knew his past (before he “became DL”) they brought up Britta AND some woman named Danielle. He was all, “You know about Danielle?” And they did and so Steve shut up. That was all that was said. If the show had followed through and named Marina, Danielle, or at the very least had them call her Marina in that earlier scene, I could have forgiven them for the storyline because at least some set up had been arranged.

    I do agree the angst was superb and it was great to watch them try to overcome their estrangement. But that leads me up to my biggest problem with it. There was no real “reunion” moment I have been longing for. Their first lovemaking since Kayla got back? Yea, it was shown briefly and afterwards Kayla had to talk about how fat she felt. I don’t care about how “realistic” that might have been. I didn’t tune into them for being realistic.

    I miss RoJohn. Totally loved his connection to the Brady’s which has all been removed. It’s sad.

  9. **continuing the conversation because I can’t shut up about them either**

    Good point about the impact of the Marina retcon on the Britta story. I have to admit that I never really thought about how that changed the idea of Britta being such a huge part of Steve’s life before Kayla.

    And Tripp, I totally agree about the reunion. I have to admit that I haven’t had the chance to watch all of the clips between when Steve kidnaps Kayla and when she comes home. I have bits and pieces (X-mas of 88, the exchange, and when she actually returns home), but I don’t have it all. When I’ve watched the clips I do have, I always feel like I missed something because we never seem to have a scene where they hash it all out and forgive each other. If there was such a scene and I missed it, ignore the next part.

    I guess it was intentional by the writers to just have them gradually reconcile, but from the time of the kidnapping forward, it never felt like their relationship really progressed forward. It was more like, okay Steve got her back from Victor now we’re all happy again. The reunion lacked something in part because for all the great angsty buildup early on, it kind of fizzled towards the end.

  10. ***gets this in here before Marypickford makes us BOTH shut up***

    Esp13, I know what you mean about looking for a real moment between them post reunion where they do talk it out. There was nothing. I looked. Destyne now has some clips in Kayla’s trial that does get them into a huge fight and rehashes if Steve had just told the truth before none of this would have been necessary.

    So after they got back together I felt like they weren’t the same and I hated that. By the summer things had gotten a bit back to normal but I guess I had these permanent anxieties watching them on screen from that time on.

    Stupid writers.

  11. ****jumping in because I’m pretty much shameless****

    I think the issues we’re talking about were a big part of the reason Stephen decided to leave when he did. The writers just seemed to stop trying to write good stuff for Steve and Kayla and kind of left them hanging. By summer, they didn’t even really have a storyline of their own anymore. Rather, it because much more about the redemption of Jack with Kayla and Steve reaching out to him.

    On a semi-side note, as much as I missed Steve and Kayla all these years, a big part of me has been glad that they left when they did (actually, I always kind of wish that MBE had left with SN, in fact in my retcon mind, she did) because they were spared the JERkification that J/M and B/H had to go through. I just can’t imagine what he would have done to them.

  12. Heh. No worries, I love talking about this stuff, too.

    Soap writers should know that one of the reasons we like angst and separation, those of us who do, is because of the payoff of those great, great “hash it out” scenes. And no one can do those scenes better than SN and MBE. The scene when Steve FINALLY tells Kayla Jack is his brother is worth all the pain of the preceding three months.

    I know it was sometime in 89 that Leah Laiman left and then there was a revolving door of HWs until JER. So ANY continuity from that time is probably the luck of the draw.

    ETA: And yes, we can be thankful that JER or Langan or any of the other hacks that waltzed through Salem in the 90’s did not get their mitts on Steve and Kayla.

  13. Yes, I am thankful that they left when they did and like ESP, I wish MB had left with SN too, not just to totally remove the horrid Shayla element and MB’s bad Diane Sawyerish hair from my memory but if they left together they could have left ALIVE. Sometimes it’s such a shame that Steve was robbed of raising Stephanie and having possibly more children with Kayla, I wouldn’t have begrudged them that if it had happened off screen.

  14. I just had to jump back in to add that I watched the scene from Destyne’s where S&K have the fight during the Marina trial. Not that it wasn’t a good scene, but again it just highlights my theory that even the writers couldn’t come up with a good reason for Steve keeping Marina a secret.

    At least with the Jack/Billy stuff, when we had the reunion/reveal, we got to see Kayla finally hear the reason that Steve had ended their relationship and put them through hell. But, with Marina, all we ever got was . . . well, nothing actually. As much as I hate retcon stuff, I think I would have preferred them making up some totally ridiculous story to explain it then leaving it hanging with “I thought she was dead . . . I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Of course, if I knew what totally ridiculous story they were going to come up with, I might feel differently. Sheesh, 17 years later this stuff STILL bothers me.

    Tripp — totally with you on wishing S&K had left together and alive. But mostly, my wish about MBE leaving is totally related to the destruction of Kayla after SN left. That’s why, in my mind, Kayla mourned Steve for a couple months and left town. Everything else the show says happened after Steve died is just a really, really bad dream.

  15. You’re right, in order to have a satisfying “hash it out” scene, there needs to be something real to hash out. If they went to the trouble of retconning a wife, they should have retconned some reason he couldn’t talk about her. Not that I can think of anything that would explain that.

    I’m afraid my memories of this storyline are pretty hazy; I mentioned earlier that I haven’t seen it since it first aired.

    I would certainly be happy if the whole Sh**** debacle had never occurred; however, even though I am sad for Steve that he missed out on Stephanie’s life and was apart from Kayla for so long, I do think his missing years are a good mine for current and future storylines! And Kayla’s, too, come to that. So in that sense I’m glad Steve “died” and they were apart.

  16. I’m missing Steve and Kayla so much that I’ve taken to reading comments from a year and a half ago. But I really enjoyed this conversation. And I also think Steve’s missing years could be a great source of storyline. Why aren’t they?

    And while we’re on that subject, I’m trying to piece together a time line of the “missing” years. So Steve “dies” and the coffins are switched. Then the Dimeras torture him, then he escapes and almost marries Ava, then he’s beaten up (by Ava’s father’s thugs?) and becomes Nick. Is that right? Aren’t there some parts missing? Doesn’t anyone care? And just how old is EJ supposed to be? He’s certainly aged well. (I promise I will find a way to get caught up on the Return storyline if someone will just help me out here. Please.)

  17. I know how you feel, Flaco. We just haven’t seen Steve and Kayla at all, except for Dr. Kayla and Detective Steve once in awhile. Not even a scene of them supporting Stephanie with what she’s going through.

    To answer your question, the timeline of the missing years has never been fully explained. It was never explained how the DiMeras got Steve after it was Lawrence Alamain that “killed” him. What we know is this: he was a pawn for Stefano and didn’t know who he was. He was tortured, presumably by Stefano, but also by EJ (it was shown in flashback). It was never explained how EJ managed to do that when he wasn’t born until 1998.

    Steve escaped for about a year and met Ava in that time. He left her at the altar and disappeared. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I think he then ended up back with Stefano. When Stefano was done with him he put him in Cincinnati as Nick Stockton. The whys of establishing that identity were never explained either.

    So, yeah, it’s all a little vague. I was hoping for a mystery associated with the missing years, rather like RoJohn had for the Stockholm storyline. And I’d love to find out more about what Kayla was doing in LA. Sigh.

  18. Thanks for the update. Not that it really explains anything. When he woke up in Cincinnati with Nick’s id, didn’t he go to an address and get jumped and beat up? Was that just some random mugging or was that part of Stefano’s plot? Or Alamain’s plot? Or Ava’s father’s plot?

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