Sooo …. what’s been going on?

I haven’t been talking much about what’s actually been happening on the show, which kinda gives you an idea of what this sweeps period has been like. A subject for an entirely different post is my conspiracy theories about something big going on behind the scenes, but for now I’ll just say that the storylines this month seem to have been quickly cobbled together. I would guess that the EJ/Dimera umbrella story was originally meant to be the focus of sweeps, and they changed it for unknown reasons to the Shelle on-the-run story—putting all the EJ storylines except for Steve and Kayla into a holding pattern. But all I can do here is look at what’s actually presented, not what might have been. So here we go, it’s catch up time.

Hooray for the Boobs of Doom!

I can’t take credit for calling Celeste the “Boobs of Doom.” That honor goes to some TWoP poster who is a lot funnier than I am. At any rate, last week, Celeste discovered that Sami was the one who helped EJ through the roadblock. She confronted Sami, and Sami confessed all, and let us know what’s been going though her mind these past few weeks. She talked about how no one would believe her about the rape, because she had just been dating EJ. In fact, Sami was doubting herself on that score. I thought it was very realistic. Celeste said all the right things—that she was forced, that she wasn’t “cheating” on Lucas, that she had no choice. It was a wonderful relief to have someone take Sami’s side. I hope Sami and Celeste team up and do some damage to the Dimeras, or at least help each other.

Sami seems to feel that her pregnancy trumps all—that because she’s pregnant, she can never tell the truth. Putting aside the fact that Sami could have gone for a morning after pill as soon as she got back to town (such a thing seems not to exist in Salem), perhaps someone should tell Sami that her pregnancy is all the more reason to tell Lucas about the rape. Too much to hope for? How about this? What on earth makes Sami think that EJ is just going to quietly give up and leave her alone, no matter what she does? Now that he knows she’s pregnant (by going through her garbage—stupidest reveal EVER), and the child might be his—and he seems to be holding all the cards—Sami should realize that the best she can do now is make a clean breast of it and hope Lucas’s (and her family’s) love for her is stronger than she obviously thinks it is.

I don’t necessarily mind Sami being weak and insecure here, if it’s a bump in the road to something else. It’s believable that she doesn’t trust Lucas or her family, why should she? Her past isn’t exactly admirable, and her family’s recent acceptance of her has been repeatedly shown to be conditional. We’ve been getting little teasers that Lucas is finally stepping up to the plate—like when he said to his mother, “If Sami is keeping something secret, maybe she has a good reason.” I’ve posted before that if Lucas stands by Sami here, it would justify the whole storyline in my mind. What I’m worried about is that, for drama, Lucas will initially throw her out—sending her straight into EJ’s arms—and only later have a change of heart. That’s not good enough.

Chelsea got a job at the lab where Nick and Dr. Rebert (aka Dr. Shane Patton) work. Chelsea thought it would be a great idea to use Dr. Rebert to make Nick jealous (for revenge for the whole LonelySplicer thing), and so agreed to go on a date with him after work. Dr. Rebert turned out to be Dr. Pervert, Nick came to the rescue, and Nick and Chelsea made up. They also got Dr. Pervert to lose his job due to sexual harrassment. This was all good, but happened so quickly. A good place to “pause” in this storyline would have been Chelsea getting the job and forcing them to work together when they were on the outs. Then, in a few weeks, have everything else happen. Oh, and make it a little more difficult for Chelsea to make the charges stick. She isn’t the most credible witness. Make her have to work hard for it, to take the risk of letting her past be put on display because she knows she’s right (are you hearing this, Sami?). Nick could be her inspiration.

Shelle. Let me just say I have been giving them every chance, I’ve been trying to root for them and like them. I even gave them a pass on the not-bringing-money-on-the-run thing, because I thought it was just careless writing. But jumping overboard with a baby in the middle of the ocean? Even Willow knew that was stupid. I simply can’t understand what the point of it was. The writers could have gotten them to that island in a million other ways. They’re hiding in a life boat, considering their options. Belle says, “I’d rather have Claire be with Phillip than risk her life.” Shawn says, “You’re right.” A sudden storm comes up, the lifeboat goes overboard with them in it … etc. See how easy that was?

Possibly even more annoying than the jumping-overboard thing was their conversation today (3/2), where Shawn suddenly kissed Belle and she accused him of, I don’t know, practically date-raping her or something. She actually used the phrase “putting out” which I didn’t think you could use after you graduated from high school, or got married, or had a baby. Isn’t there a rule or something? Up until now, though her stupidity has increased tenfold since they went on the run, I thought they were doing a relatively decent job de-glitterfying Belle and making her more human and relatable. But Belle acted like she was saying, “What made you think I was that kind of girl?” The sad thing is, I think the whole thing today was just supposed to be cute banter, basically meaningless except to keep them from doing the deed. So it shouldn’t be making me as mad as it is. Anyway, I’m too tired to think about them any longer. Moving on.

Steve and Kayla. Now, here’s a story that’s really working for me (except the fact that’s it’s happening in isolation). It turns out Steve was tortured and “programmed” by the Dimeras (who else?) to do … something, we’re not sure yet. He kept going back and forth regarding seeking help for his problems, and finally he woke up one night to find himself choking Kayla. That was enough to make him leave her, and I think leaving her broke his final link to realSteve, and now pawnSteve has taken over. It’s really been fascinating to watch. He alternates between rage (understandable), unnatural calm (the programming), and bewildered hurt (when Kayla can reach him). At any rate, he stole John’s comatose body from the hospital so that his kidney could be harvested—by Kayla in an insufficiently motivated scene–for the ailing Stefano.

It was suggested that EJ’s assignment to “plant his seed” in a Brady woman was so that the child could be a little garden of ready-to-pluck organs for the great Stefano. I guess you can’t count on torturing and programming someone to steal a comatose man you just shot in the head every time you need another organ. It’s good to have a backup plan.

Kayla has really woken up the past few weeks and is fighting both with Steve and for Steve, which is something she used to be great at back in the day. After the kidneynapping (TM DeputyCommSense, TWoP poster), Kayla called the police and had him arrested, saying enough was enough. Steve got committed pending trial to a state hospital for the criminally insane, and he’s pissed at Kayla. I love it. I also like how Bo is turning on Steve a little bit. It’s very believable, and much preferred to him saying, “Sis, you and Steve have a magical bond! You’ll get through to him!”

Then we have Willow’s pregnancy (unfortunately looking to be genuine) and the fact that Mimi apparently killed her father but she’s letting her mother take the rap. And Max is after Abby. Oh, and Willow has a brother named Jed who is also interested in Abby. That about takes us up to date.

Here’s hoping for a better March.


2 thoughts on “Sooo …. what’s been going on?

  1. Another great blog. I do understand the frustration on how quickly Chick is going, I said to a friend of mine that I wish we could have gotten at least a WEEK of Chelsea tormenting Nick but possibly seeing him in his element at the same time before her finding out Dr. Pervert. And where did all those women lab techs come from? My sister works in a lab and most of the techs are women but since the lab was run by a sexist jerk, all too conveniently it adds weight to Chelsea’s story.

    Even with the rushness, I still adore this story and it’s ten times better than almost the rest of the storylines. I think this “hurry up and get them together” is being done so the inevitable Billie reveal will happen soon than later. What’s funny to me is I would be fine with Nick’s secret never coming out (or waiting a very long time). As for Sami’s secret, I’m so ready for it to come out I’m willing to call Lucas up and tell him myself. I really do hope they have Lucas stand by Sami.

    Steve and Kayla are awesome as always. I’m still perturbed at the isolation of the storyline; they interacted with more people in Salem when in quarantine than they do now.

  2. Yes, I still think Nick and Chelsea storyline is working, it’s not rushed to the point where the emotion isn’t there. They are now just a little closer than they were before the LonelySplicer reveal, which is just about right.

    Maybe you should pick up the phone and call Lucas! Can we do that?

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