Dastardly Villains

On a thread entitled, “What would you do to improve Days?” someone posted, “Get rid of the Dimeras and all the villains. Have people deal with real life issues.”


We have some new villains in Salem. There’s a little “here’s the new boss, same as the old boss” to them, but hey, I’m fine with that. Inheriting the Dimera mantle of All-Purpose Evil is EJ Wells. I’m glad Stefano’s return didn’t work out. He was turned into a joke under JER’s pen, along with Tony. One thing a villain should never be is silly. EJ is not silly (and that’s saying something, considering the circumstances of his conception). I find him chilling, and his obsession with Sami believable. The Dimeras could possibly be rescued from Motiveless Evil with a little ingenuity. Let’s bring Benjy into the mix, give them both a whole host of father issues, and make them hate each other with the passion you can only feel for blood relations.

Next we have Phillip. The obvious choice is for him to inherit the Victor Kiriakis title of Big Business Man to Whom Family is All, but so far he reminds me more of evil Jack. They both have that chiseled born-into-money look, which is just a mask for the seething hatred within. Both were good-guy generic schlubs who turned evil by being married to women who didn’t love them. There were some very nice scenes today (1/30) with Phillip and Max, where Phillip talked about all he has lost (leg, face—though can’t he see he got a better one?—Belle, and now Claire). He definitely feels wronged.

Phillip could be redeemed, as Jack was, if they decided to go that route. But not yet. Let’s enjoy the slightly unhinged rich boy war hero who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. (On a side note, I really like the NewOldPhillip, but there are times I can tell he’s enjoying being evil too much. A couple of times today when he was pushing Max against the locker I could almost see him thinking, “Hee, this is awesome! This is so much better than mooning after Chloe!”) EJ, I think, isn’t the type of villain that could be redeemed—his badness doesn’t come from pain or from being hurt (at least I haven’t seen it yet). That’s what made Steve, and Jack, redeemable.

And finally, we have Willow. Willow is such a pretty name. And Willow is willowy, but other than that the name doesn’t fit her at all. And yet, I like it.

Now that Chelsea and Sami are showing us their human side (though please let them both keep their edge!), we need a new bitch in town, and Willow is it. When she first came on the show blathering about her angel and giving Shawn freebies and going to Bermuda, I must admit I didn’t take to her. The last thing Days needs, I thought, is another hooker with a heart of gold. But Willow the Pyro Hooker with a Black Heart and an Axe to Grind is another thing entirely. She has enough wit that she isn’t totally one-note. I am still in awe of the way she told Shawn she would recant her testimony if he kissed her, but when he leaned in she pushed his face away and laughed at him, saying anyone could push him around. Ouch. And, I agree.

The revelation today was Willow revealing to Hope that she is pregnant (and I love how we don’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not). Hope smacked her down, but Willow is not going to go away that easily. She’s joining forces with Phillip and they’re going after Shawn and Belle. Go bad guys.


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