Shelle and Steve

I love umbrella stories. Which is why I love the Claire custody case. This week Steve was brought into the drama, as he helps Shawn and Belle flee northward to Canada. Actually, it’s wrong to say he helps them, because that would imply that Shawn and Belle do something themselves. They do not.

Much as I enjoyed Steve’s incredulous look and verbal smackdown once he realized that Shawn didn’t think to bring money and supplies for the baby, I’m not sure what the point of it was. We’re supposed to be rooting for Shawn, correct? I understand—perhaps—the desire to maintain continuity from the guy who slept with Willow and worked for EJ by depicting him as immature and impulsive, but come on. Not bringing cash on the run? That’s not immature, that’s idiotic. They could have established Shawn and Belle’s unpreparedness a little less heavy-handedly, perhaps by forcing them to snatch Claire at the last minute and run without having a day to prepare. And bringing all the cash they have, but they don’t realize that it isn’t enough.

Anyway. I also enjoyed Steve’s episode in the car, where he first was grumbling about “elevator music” and then screaming at poor Shelle that “we’re not pulling over!”, then diving out of the driver’s seat and forcing Shawn to crawl over Belle and the baby to take the wheel, and then screaming while hurling boxes out of the back of the truck. I laughed at Martha Madison’s nice understated reaction: “It’s like he’s possessed or something.”

I unfortunately knew that Lexie and Tek were leaving (casting spoilers are the hardest to avoid), and based on the fact that they were leaving at the same time I assumed they were running off together. What happened is better—they just disappeared. It leaves the opening for one or both to come back in the future without having to rewrite any history, but they don’t have to come back—they could just be written out permanently by making the characters dead.

Some of the best scenes of the week were Sami visiting EJ in jail, and his dastardly taunting of her. I was glad to see Sami giving it back to him, and the cool way she lied about using birth control that night was very satisfying (though he probably won’t be fooled for long). I was also encouraged by Sami standing up to Lucas when she came home and he tried to forbid her from working, and the way he hit himself in the head and said “stupid male pride” was endearing. Sami being eager to please doesn’t bother me, because it is believable. We’ve known all along that her scheming was linked to her insecurities—now she’s just dealing with those insecurities. What I don’t want is for it to last. And as I’ve said before, I need Lucas to man up and stand by Sami no matter what, whether she’s the “new” Sami he’s always blathering about, or the old.

I’m fine with Lucas needing to grow, but I’m not convinced the show knows that Lucas is not being Mr. Dream Man here. This week Sami asked Lucas for some reassurance that he loves her, and all he could say is that he wants to make hot, sweaty love to her whenever he looks at her. Not exactly inspiring. But this pregnancy storyline could be just what Lucas needs. I’m looking at you, Tiny Man, you better not let me down.


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