But who gets the giant hairbow?

I would just like to pause for a moment and consider how many different people Claire is related to on the show. Through Shawn, she is related to the Bradys, the Hortons, and the Kiriakises, and through Belle she’s related to everyone else (except the Lockharts). Her aunt Sami and uncle Eric are also her first cousins once removed.

And yet CPS could not find anyone to take her in after she was taken from Belle and Shawn.

John Aniston was marvelously deadpan today (1/12) detailing Shawn’s failings as a father and Belle’s as a mother, especially when he described Marlena as “mentally unstable.” Oh, but what Victor could have said! “Once a serial killer … possessed by the devil … returned from the dead … ” In soap world you can make anyone seem mentally unstable and unable to provide a good home. It’s unfair to judge them by our standards!

I’m liking Shawn and Belle much more than I ever thought I would. Their story is unfolding slowly, which is as it should be. With two recasts since they were first together as teens, we need to get to know them as adults (and those of us who weren’t around the first time need to get to know them, period). I’m glad to see Shawn’s judgmentalism is gone, and Belle’s whininess. My wish for Shawn and Belle is for them to get away from Claire, get away from their families, and have a mystery or adventure storyline. If they lost custody of Claire to Phillip, and then took off together to chase down some clue that would help them get her back, it would be a very nice change of pace for this long-suffering couple.

I was completely blindsided by this skeleton murder mystery. When Max and Mimi found him I had no idea that it was anything more than a madcap plot point in their developing relationship. Civil war skeleton! How zany! But now anvils are dropping all over the place that this is the body of Mimi’s father, and we’ve got Bonnie and back-from-juvee Conner stealing the body from the morgue and attempting to get rid of it.

I think I like Conner, though it’s too soon to tell for sure. So far, Hogan has introduced two new characters, Willow and Nick. So he’s 1 for 2 so far. Conner can be the tiebreaker.


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