Steve Smashes Santa!

Can I just say how much I am enjoying Steve and Kayla’s new storyline? When Steve destroyed the CPS worker’s office and had his heart-to-heart with Bo, it was some of best stuff I’ve seen so far. I probably even enjoyed it more than the memory recovery scenes, because I know there’s more to come. With the memory recovery, it felt like the end of something that never really got started. They were great scenes, but the buildup of tension that makes a great payoff great wasn’t really there.

This, on the other hand, is soap gold so far. Steve is determined to protect Kayla from the severity of his episodes by not telling her about them—oh, Steve, Steve, when will you ever learn? And yet it makes sense. As he said today (1/10), Kayla had to be strong all those years without him. He wants to be strong for her now. And Kayla is starting to show some of her old fire, though I’d still like to see more.

Again, I enjoyed the memory recovery scenes, but this week for the first time I feel confident that Hogan “gets” Steve and Kayla, and I don’t have to be nervous whenever they’re on screen. Incidentally Steve and Stephanie had a nice scene today, when he called her his baby girl and her eyes welled up with tears. Stephanie has been growing on me (like ringworm, hee), though she doesn’t have a storyline of her own right now.

But by the far the best scene in the 1/10 episode was Steve destroying the Santa clock that Nick had just repaired. I loved how he smashed it and then smashed it a second time because the annoying song didn’t stop. I certainly didn’t expect that payoff when Maggie asked Nick to repair the clock yesterday! Good use of props!

And the capper for me was the nice nod to history of Steve making a suggestive comment to deflect Kayla’s questions (“I always sweat when you sit near me, baby.”) Good to see age hasn’t altered that defense mechanism.

I also liked the Nick and Abby scenes today. I want to like Abby, and so far I like her best in her scenes with Nick. With Chelsea she spends too much time scolding her, with Max her crush is too instantaneous and without foundation (and it makes her act not lovesick but obnoxious), but with Nick, there’s a wonderful counsinly mix of affection and exasperation.

My respect for Nick went up, too, when he said that though Chelsea will never find out about him and Billie (though we know she will) , he knows, and it’s a problem.


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