A Few Random Comments

It was a quiet week in Salem.

The biggest event was Billie breaking out the burgundy and banging Nick. I am surprised that the writers were able to pull this off. But he’s a 23 year old virgin—as soon as I heard that it clinched it for me. Wouldn’t you rather your first time was with warm, vulnerable Billie than the coolly amused, sardonic Chelsea?

The scenes were very well written and directed. It was amusing to me to see Nick perk up when Billie referred to herself as a “loser,” like, ah, finally someone who thinks like me! There was a lot of comedy in those scenes (especially after Chelsea arrived and Billie and Nick were trying to cover up), but the shot that stays with me is the one of Billie in the kitchen staring in the cupboard at the bottle of wine. I loved how we didn’t have to see the burgundy to know what Billie was contemplating there.

John is in a coma after having been shot by EJ, though he seems to react strongly whenever Steve is around. Steve himself, after being given that devil card, has had several episodes where his eye rolls back in his head, his head pounds and he loses track of his surroundings. Kayla is naturally worried, and confided in Hope that she’s afraid of losing him, and that he seems afraid to talk about or think about those “missing years” of his and what he might have done during that time. Thank you, Hogan, for acknowledging and explaining what we’ve all been wondering—why Steve isn’t trying to figure out who erased his memory! Anyway, whether he’s programmed to be an assassin or just having crazy flashbacks to being tortured and whatnot, Steve freaking out is all good in my book. Based on the preview for Monday, looks like we’re going to get more.

The other big event of the week was CPS taking Claire away from Shawn and Belle. Martha Madison made tears come to my eyes when she gave Claire to the social worker, and it was a nice nod to Steve and Kayla’s history with “the system” to have them there to offer advice. I look forward to Shawn getting a crash course in hard knocks having to go toe to toe with Victor.

Max and Mimi were being, well, a little bit cute. I’m starting to like them a little. My favorite moment of the week was Shawn walking in on them and the ensuing conversation making it clear that everyone is prepared to be a grownup about this and wish each other the best. How novel.

Connor Lockhart is on his way back to town, in the back of a police car. I’m intrigued.


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