EJ’s Checklist

One of the many revelations from last week was that EJ had an “assignment” from Stefano to impregnate the Brady of his choice. I don’t know how long the writers have planned this one, but it adds a whole other dimension to his interaction with the high-on-ecstacy Chelsea last summer. She would have been easy pickings, no?

But let me have a little fun imagining EJ’s options.

Option 1: Kayla

Pluses: Very close to the heart of the Brady’s, an uber-Brady you might say. Single, though amnesiac back-from-the-dead husband is a wrinkle.   Nice symmetry, though, to kill him and impregnate her.  Proven fertile.

Minuses: Getting close to end of her fertile years. Single by choice for 14 years.  Unlikely to be manipulated easily.  Puzzling preference for scruffy underdog type, not suave charmers like myself.

Option 2: Carrie

Pluses: Daughter of the secondary patriarch (Roman).  Seems easy to lure into bed, or up on the roof, perhaps.
Minuses: Too faithless and wishy-washy. (Later) Pregnant with another man’s child. (Later still) Scratch that.  Infertile. Not a viable option.

Option 3: Stephanie

Pluses: Young, lively. Daughter of uber-Brady Kayla. Father Steve Johnson also a target.  We have racing career in common.

Minuses: Racing career too dangerous for Dimera fetus?

Option 4: Chelsea

Pluses: Young, easily corruptible. A good partner in crime? (Note to self: don’t let her drive)

Minuses: Barely a Brady. Drug use. Questionable loyalties. Smart mouth.

Option 5: Samantha

Pluses: Black sheep daughter of patriarch.  Good liar, manipulative.  So much misdirected energy that could be harnessed!  The Brady’s treat her like a family bastard.  Should be easy to play them off each other.  Spirited, definitely fertile, certainly lovely, and vulnerable to a kind word or a gesture of support.  I could pluck her like a ripe peach.

Minuses: None. Must have Sami.


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