What a way to end 2006!

Message boards have been lighting up with discussion about EJ coercing Sami to have sex with him in exchange for helping Lucas. I usually try to write here before going on the boards, but I couldn’t wait. We’ve been having a very spirited (and intelligent, if I may say so) discussion on the TWoP boards here.

The scenes themselves were chilling and exceptionally well-acted by James Scott and Ali Sweeney. I was struck at first by Sami’s seeming lack of fear (given that I would be gibbering with fright in that situation), seeming instead more disgusted and horrified, but a second viewing convinced me that she was hiding her fear because Sami’s kick-ass.

EJ was very funny at times, though I couldn’t laugh on first viewing. In fact, I must say it added to the horror leading up the rape. Afterwards, like when he said, “Honey, we’re home,” to Lucas when they got to the cabin, I laughed, though I was a little shocked at myself for doing it.

I think this could potentially be a very interesting storyline. There’s the obvious Who’s the Daddy storyline option, already anvilled with references on EJ’s part to Sami bearing the Dimera spawn. There’s Stefano/Marlena redux storyline (although “better and hotter”—hee—as one of the TWoP posters put it), with Stefano’s son being obsessed with Marlena’s daughter. There’s also the Poor Sami option, with everyone disbelieving her and judging her again (cough::Lucas::cough), although—do you hear me, Hogan?—I really don’t want to have to see much more of that!

At first I was scoffing at Lexie and Tek and conversation #552 about threatening/saving Lexie’s marriage, and example #6,723 of Why Lexie is the Worst Doctor in the World—arguing with her ex-lover while John lies bleeding from two gunshot wounds to the chest!— but I was mildly intrigued by how it ended, with Lexie giving false testimony (and against her brother! They haven’t mentioned that yet) and the only weapon they have to put EJ away right now.

Hope gave birth to a small bundle of tidily-wrapped rags, but they seemed happy.

I can’t wait to see what getting this devil Tarot card is going to mean for Steve, and how Benjy is mixed up with the Dimeras. I know he’s Stefano’s son and EJ’s brother, but how much is he privy to their plans? He was obviously ordered (probably by Stefano) to give the card to Steve, and he looked so sad and regretful (and adorable) as he gave it to him. Is he up to his ears in evil Dimera plotting, and only regretted this assignment because it involves hurting Steve and Kayla? Or was he coerced into giving the card to Steve, because Stefano knows he could get close to him?

::rubs hands together with glee::

Happy 2007!


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