Red Herrings

As you can see from the title of my blog, I try to avoid spoilers whenever possible. This allows me to speculate freely on what’s going to happen. During JER days plot twists were painfully easy to spot, or if they weren’t, it was because they didn’t make any sense. Nowadays, playing the prediction game is more fun.

The storyline that is engaging me most at the moment is Sami, Lucas, and EJ (and the characters they interact with)  I really enjoy the fact that they’re making use of the EJ/Sami chemistry. Until EJ’s villainy was revealed a few months ago, the EJ/Sami pairing had quite a few adherents (and some people haven’t given up on it yet).

This week we got to see EJ offering Sami a 1/3 share of the company he owns with Kate Roberts. This is interesting because of Kate and Sami’s history of hating and plotting against each other. It was a joy to watch Kate (who is sleeping with the much-younger EJ) squirm when EJ said he’d never met a woman who excited him as much as Sami does. I foresee many fun soap moments as EJ pursues Sami, Lucas is jealous but tries take the high road, Sami tries to be a big businesswoman but at the same time placate Lucas and evade EJ, Kate smolders and tries to sabotage Sami’s role in the company, and Lucas tries not to think about the fact that his mother is sleeping with the guy who is pursuing his girlfriend.

But what is EJ’s real agenda? That is the question. He told Kate yesterday (12/6) that he wants Sami to have his child. Then he smiled and said that “we British” are very concerned with lineage and with propogating the right bloodlines, and he has decided that the mother of his child should be a Brady and that Brady should be Sami. Given that EJ is a Dimera, he could possibly have some twisted Samantha’s Baby idea that it would be the perfect revenge on the Brady’s for a Brady to give birth to a Dimera spawn.

Given EJ’s possible attempted rape of Sami a few weeks ago, we could be looking at a rape storyline here. I think that’s the suggestion, but it could be a red herring. A variation could be an attempted seduction, but rape when seduction doesn’t work. A JER-style variation would have EJ drugging Sami into thinking he’s Lucas, and sleeping with her under false pretences, as it were. Another JER-style possibility would be somehow inducing a coma and impregnating her lifeless body, delivering the baby, then waking her up and sending her on her way, none the wiser.

In the larger picture, another possibility is this is Stefano/Marlena redux. Stefano was obsessed with Marlena, leading him to kidnap her umpteen times and torment her then-husband Roman. EJ could be teetering on the brink of a similar obsession. He’s a Dimera, she’s Marlena’s daughter. (Although Belle is really the heir to Marlena on the show. Sami and Marlena are opposites, Sami the schemer with an inferiority complex and Marlena the smugly confident aging ingenue.)

I’m hoping the truth is more complex, although I could see some of the above possibilities factoring into the mix. So far we’ve seen EJ worm his way into Sami’s confidence by being her friend and counselor through her blackmail troubles (of course it turned out he was the one doing the blackmailing). He gave her good advice (to tell the truth and thus negate the blackmailer’s hold on her) but stood by her when she didn’t take it. It was clearly a novelty for Sami to have someone stand by her, and EJ remains the only person to have done it (Lucas could learn a lot from EJ here!).

We know now that he was pursuing some private agenda, probably related to the Dimera/Brady fued. But James Scott as EJ, even now, suggests to us with his body language that there may be more to this story.  I think it would be fascinating to watch him fall for her, not enough to abandon his revenge, but enough to trip him up, enough to try to spare her. After all, though she’s a Brady, the rest of her family treats her like a bastard stepchild. Wouldn’t it be easy for EJ to justify tormenting them … to take the revenge she’s never taken, and almost feel he was doing her a favor?


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