I must admit, my faith in Hogan was shaken.

I had been waiting patiently for many months, watching Kayla get sidelined, Steve be a cipher, while scene after scene of Billie unfolded before me, talking about everything from her point of view.

Which I don’t mind. I want Billie’s point of view. But I also want Steve’s, I also want Kayla’s. Is Steve attracted to Billie because she didn’t know him before? Is he afraid of Kayla or just indifferent? Does Kayla not notice that this guy doesn’t act much like Steve? Is her love for him as strong as ever? Has she built up the memory of him too much, so that no one could measure up? Why has no one mentioned trying to solve the mystery of what happened to him? I don’t know.
I enjoyed the quarantine storyline. My favorite moments were the smaller ones, where Steve was reading the memories from his little notebook, when he confided in Hope, when Kayla woke up and they had that little conversation where she told him he was a good man.

But then they got out of quarantine, and next we saw them at the Brady Thanksgiving, and Steve was daydreaming about Billie, Kayla had only a few lines, and Billie was again talking and talking to Kate about the situation. It seemed we were back to the status quo.

But Fridays (12/1) episode was different. Yes, Steve went to see Billie, told her he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and told her to be patient while he made things right. We got a very nice brave speech from Billie about wanting to be number one with whoever she’s with.

But this time, we also got to see Kayla talking to Lexie, saying she knows Steve isn’t happy, she thinks he feels trapped. That she doubts he really got his memory back–it’s a little too convenient. And she has a plan, to get him away from Salem to a place they’ve been before, where she hopes to get him to tell her the truth.

It wasn’t big, but it’s what I’ve been waiting for. I hope this trip is more productive than she expects. We’re at a natural turning point in the story; let’s see where it turns.


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