Solving the mystery

Hogan Sheffer has really impressed me with the way he interweaves the storylines. This week the big story to come to a head is Bo and Hope’s marriage, and whether Hope can trust Bo and stand by him. (The jury is still out; watch this space for a future entry regarding Bo and Hope.)

But in order to accomplish this plot point, we see Bonnie stealing Patrick’s money in order to pay off the surrogate who is having her “meal ticket,” Phillip and Mimi’s baby. Patrick, now with no money, stops paying Shawn his courier fees. Shawn therefore turns off his cell phone because he thinks his job is finished. EJ then confronts Shawn, who points the finger at Patrick. In the meantime Chelsea has sent a picture to Hope of Bo and Billie in bed together. Hope is reacting to that when Patrick (who is working with Chelsea to split up Bo and Hope) stops by and gets a bit physical. Bo goes charging off to see Patrick, but leaves him in one piece just in time for EJ to arrive and administer a beating. Patrick fingers Bo for the beating. And voila, we have a perfect watershed moment for Hope to choose who she trusts, her husband or the father of her child.

But we don’t just see the main plot point, other stories and other characters have experienced their own development:

1. We see EJ’s violent side.

2. Shawn starts to think that this link between EJ and Patrick might be suspicious after all.

3. Bonnie reaches a new low.

4. Chelsea is caught in her latest scheme; she has an interesting talk with her “mentor” Kate on how to be a better schemer,  and decides to use Nick for his laptop.

5. We see Patrick is bad, but weak.

And it’s all beautifully, seamlessly, believably done. Nothing screams “plot driven!”

In the 80s, when Days was in its heyday, we saw some wonderful umbrella stories like the Stockholm mystery. I’m hoping the black glove investigation will develop into an adventure like that! Steve’s missing memory, and whatever he knows that led to his memory being erased in the first place, should also become a part of the plot. I can also see EJ the evil Dimera, and Benjy the good Dimera, with Lexie and Celeste and even John as wild cards, being an interesting addition to the mix. I also can’t wait to see how Sami, and EJ’s “friendship” with her, will factor into this.


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