Bad Guys

My new favorite couple on Days: EJ and Patrick.

When Patrick was mooning around after Hope, or Jen, or just generally being a third wheel (ah, the perils of being a floater on a supercouple show), he and his sweet, bland good looks did nothing for me. But now that he’s evil, his sweet, bland face is perfect foil for the dastardliness within.

I particularly like how Patrick is not just evil, he’s weak. He’s working for EJ but he keeps screwing up because he’s easily distracted by his desire for Hope, or by his mother stealing money from him. He’s a wonderful contrast to EJ, who is always in control. And their relationship has a wonderful domestic-violence subtext: the dominant, masterly male and the weak, emotional, pretty-faced screwup.

On today’s episode (11/29), EJ finally had enough of Patrick’s incompetence and took off his belt, wrapped it around his hand, backhanded Patrick, and then (off-screen) beat the crap out of him. Oh my God. And then when EJ went to Kate to work off some adrenaline with some post-beating sex, it was almost too hot and twisted for daytime.

More please.


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