I love the Fallonator

It is a good week for romantic banter on Days. We had Bo and Hope on Monday, Sami and Lucas on Tuesday, and Nick Fallon and Chelsea on Wednesday. And the great thing is that each couple had their own individual spin; it wasn’t just generic, cute banter like you see in romanitc comedies sometimes. “We’re being cute now. Please love us!”

Chelsea has grown into one of my favorite characters. She’s a volatile mix of manipulative schemer, lost little girl, blunt truth teller, and wiseass. I’m so glad Nick can keep up with her. He told her today, “Why aren’t you working or in college?” and that she was “chewing her fingernails down to her elbows” over getting her parents back together, and that she should get over it.

Good job, Days. Now don’t screw him up by giving him a makeover and turning him into Hottie McSexy. He needs to cherish his geekiness, and Chelsea needs to fall for him anyway!


5 thoughts on “I love the Fallonator

  1. I missed this the first time you posted.

    This is such early Chick! I loved the fact Chelsea thought nothing much of him.

    UGH, I’m still bitter they rushed their courtship because I couldn’t wait to watch Chelsea fall in love with Nick.

  2. I know, all the elements were there for a slow “opposites attract” falling in love story. The bad girl and the geek. That’s gold.

    You made a point somewhere recently that Chick has turned instead into a tragic love story (which is what Hogan called it at one point), more about how a man lost everything for love. “I lost her by loving her too much,” as Nick said. I could get behind that if they show Nick gradually reclaiming his integrity and self-confidence. And Chelsea being drawn to him through it all, despite herself.

  3. I could get behind a lot of things on Chick if they would pick a direction and stick with it. I could even get behind Chelsea dating Jett (back, monkey’s paw) if the whole time we see she is still drawn to Nick and there are moments where Nick is proven to be the better man for Chelsea (like Jack/Kayla/Steve).

    It’s so sad to look at them this way though, their innocence is there and all the lost opportunities of Days really turning them into a great love story instead of rushing it so freaking fast that now we are stuck with them having BAD SEX, a senseless triangle, and Nick losing everything for Chelsea but not realizing he should let Chelsea go.

    *cries* (okay not really but I’m being dramatic).

  4. “Pick a direction and stick with it” is pretty much my Days mantra right now. EJ/Sami/Lucas, Chick, Jeremy’s evilness or not, etc.

    All I want for Chick now is for them to give them a good story, one that isn’t rushed, that shows them both in a good light (or at least understandable when they make mistakes), that shows the strength of their love for each other, whether they’re apart or together. Oh, and with a great SHOWN love scene. Is that so much to ask?

  5. Your right on their lack of direction on anything. I just find it the most frustrating on Chick because (for me) that was the romance where we had an opportunity to start things off right w/o having to first correct JERk’s mistakes.

    I want what you want with Chick but I’d like to add in that I’m ready for Jett to leave their story (course that’s because I have been watching God Awful Previews for this week’s shows and they are killing me.)

    As for the love scene, when the time comes I want it to be awesome and amazing (and Chelsea needs to say so too). I want NOTHING left for interpretation.

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