I’m Officially on Board the Lumi Train

I just watched 11/20 & 21, where Lucas rescues Sami from being attacked by EJ and Sami and Lucas almost get it on and talk about their relationship. Wonderfully written scenes, with a nod to Sami’s long-ago rape by Alan. I don’t want EJ to be a bad-to-the-bone villain. I want him to pursue his evil plans, but have a soft spot for Sami. But perhaps today’s scenes were meant to illustrate how much she’s gotten under his skin. This is the only time we’ve ever seen him be anything but suave and in control.

Hogan Sheffer has really turned Lucas around for me. Bryan Datillo is an actor who doesn’t strike sparks easily with other actresses. I first saw him in smug-judgmental mode, going after Carrie and treating Sami like pond scum. Bryan and Christie Clark were painful to watch together. And Lucas was so mean to Sami! I knew EJ was up to something, but he stood up for her when no one else did. He didn’t let anyone badmouth her in his presence. Lucas was more often the one doing the badmouthing.

When Carrie and Austin rode off into the sunset together, Lucas started sniffing around Sami immediately. I thought it was too soon, I didn’t think it was believable, and I didn’t think he deserved her. But then I saw the scenes where Lucas and Will were trying to sabotage Sami’s date with EJ, and saw that Lucas could be funny. And I saw his chemistry with Sami, through their banter and bickering. And today I saw that chemistry unleashed.

But even better was their conversation after. First of all was Sami’s wonderful logic that meaningless sex would be okay, but if they were going to have a relationship, it wouldn’t be right. Lucas’s befuddled expression was perfect when she talked about “the committment we’re actually making by not having sex.” Wait, what now?

So I give up. Knock me down, kick me around, I don’t care. I love Lumi.


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