I grew up watching Days of Our Lives.  When I was 4 or 5 I would play quietly in the living room when it was on, pretending to be absorbed in what I was doing but really watching the show.  I was hooked by Julie and Doug, my first supercouple!  I’m a little fuzzy but I still remember a lot of storylines from the mid to late 70s, like Mickey and Maggie adopting Melissa, Jessica Blake’s three personalities, Marlena and Don Craig, and, of course, the Salem Strangler.

I watched when I could up through about fifth grade, when I quit watching because I was so upset that Liz was found guilty of Marie’s attempted murder.   (I didn’t know then that being sent to jail in Salem meant just sitting around in a cell for a few weeks until the inevitable prison break.)  I picked it up again in time for Steve and Kayla, and they were, and remain, my favorite Days couple.

I was MIA through the 90s until last fall, when I started watching again sporadically with my mom.  Whenever she comes to visit we watch it together, and my husband jokes that we’re like the people in the movie theater who yell out, “Look out behind you!” to the people on the screen.  But I don’t care.  I loved watching Days with my mom when I was five, and I still love it today!


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