Giving thanks

Hope you all had a happier Thanksgiving than the Salemites did.


I know we’ve talked about it before, but the timing issue continues to be mind-boggling! So screwy! It’s now very clearly on the second day after Hope’s wedding, which was on the Salem bicentennial. Lest we forget:


November 9! And now it’s Thanksgiving!

I’m guessing this is all for the sake of the Abby storyline. It has to be believable that her family isn’t raising the alarm. Personally, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I think they could have snuck in a few more scenes of Jen and JJ fretting about Abby, even going to the police. Ben could keep sending text messages, or force Abby to call them and say everything is fine.

They also could have moved everything so her labor started the beginning of this week, without losing much in the way of suspense. As it was we watched her labor begin, then took a big break while everything went down with Bo. Someone who has a Salem day’s worth of time on their hands should go back to when she first found out she was pregnant, and actually count the Salem days until she had her baby. It’s gotta be only about three months – and frankly I think that’s a generous estimate!

I enjoyed Wednesday’s episode. I thought it was funny that the only people who got anything to eat was Salem’s homeless population – and I saw more people serving than I saw people eating.

TPTB obviously shelled out the bucks — almost the entire cast was on. I love holiday episodes that blend the ongoing stories with the plot-free holiday elements. They had a good balance in this episode. We found out that Eduardo went to Winterthorne academy, which will bring him into that story. The coincidences surrounding Eduardo are pretty funny. The two families he abandoned both happened to move to Salem, and now this. And did Paul describe Eduardo as his roommate’s “father”? That means either than Dario was his roommate, or Eduardo has another family somewhere! Hey, why not?

I just have to say, Wally Kurth and Kassie de Paiva have killer chemistry. How I wish Eve weren’t leaving! A triangle with Justin, Eve, and Eddy would be fantastic. And I also have to say that someone in the costume department loves Kassie:


(Look at Eddy, smoldering through the crack in the doorway. Mmm.)

I like this pissed off Hope, kicking ass and taking names.


I loved her reaming out Steve for not being willing to drop everything and chase the bad guys all over the world. I like believable conflict between the good guys. Kudos to Steve for not taking the bait, since it would break his promise to Kayla. I have a feeling he might cave, but for now, I am glad to see him put Kayla first. I also like ghost Bo:


It’s such a great twist to have him be semi-evil (and what’s with his hair? Apparently the afterlife is lacking in hair products!), encouraging Hope’s risky choices. I hope they don’t overuse him – when it comes to ghosts, a little goes a long way.

Belle’s back!


I hope I can like Belle this time around. I grew to loathe the character back in 2006-7. Back during the TWoP glory days, we coined the term GHH, for “glittery hoo-ha,” to explain a certain type of Days heroine who has no particular personality, no life goals or defining interests, and yet usually has two or men pining after her. She seems perfectly content to waffle back and forth between the two men without feeling she is being unfair. And that any man would be lucky to have even a few crumbs of affection from her. All that would be bad enough, but everyone else in Salem seemed to feel the same way, and acted like glitter came out of her … well, you know.

Despite my loathing for Belle, I always saw potential in Martha Madison. I genuinely liked her in her scenes with her family, and I remember writing on this blog more than once that if they gave her something to do besides wonder which man she should be with, I think I could get into the character. I am definitely excited to see her with her brothers Brady and Eric. It’s a good sign that they are splitting up Shawn and Belle — but I know a recast Phillip is coming back, and the last thing I want to see is Shellip, redux. This team pays more attention to jobs and careers, which I really like. She became a nurse right before she left last time, so they could do something with that. They could also throw her into the Basic Black storyline, since it is her father’s former company. Maybe she’ll try to wrest back control of it. Anyway, here’s hoping!



Chicken Little

Run, Wendy, run!


It broke my heart that what brought her down is her concern for Abby. Several times could have made a run for it, but she lingered, and that was her downfall. Abby’s helplessness is so painful to watch. That, plus her worry about the baby. Every time Ben took the baby from her, I could see the panic in her eyes. And I was holding my breath too – we know that Ben could justify anything to himself at this point. “I didn’t want to kill the baby, but I had to teach you a lesson, Abby.”

Meanwhile, Chad finally got “half his memory” back. I was hoping Chad would find a map in the apartment, helpfully marked with a red X and labelled “kidnapping cabin.” Alas, that wasn’t the case. I loved how persuasive Chad had to be with Rafe. His story does sound crazy, the delusional ravings of a jealous ex. But Chad pushed all the right buttons, playing on Rafe’s doubts about Aiden and convincing him that Ben had the best motive to frame Chad.

I hope we get another ghost Bo showing up later, telling her that the first ghost Bo was full of shit. But they made it clear (very, very clear, since Bo said, “This isn’t me, it’s you” – thanks for spelling it out, Days!) that this is not a real ghost, it’s Hope’s subconscious giving her something to focus on to distract her from her grief. And I’m all for that. And enlisting Steve in the fight could be a source of conflict for Steve and Kayla.

I’m glad we got to see so many people reacting to the news of Bo’s death.


I’m not one that makes a big fuss about that in general (“we didn’t see so-and-so find out”), but it was really effective seeing Steve breaking the news to Victor and Maggie, Kayla breaking the news to Roman, Shawn D, and Caroline, and then seeing them all watch through the window as Shawn D broke the news to Ciara. I also loved the hug between Caroline and Victor, mourning their son.


I think I haven’t had enough to worry about with Steve and Kayla lately. I spent the whole episode fretting that something horrible is going to happen.  I think it was because this was the first time Kayla reached out to Steve, and he declined to take her call in favor of drinking alone on a park bench. His statement that he didn’t want to burden her made all my spidey-senses activate — he is going to hide something from Kayla “for her own good” and it will blow up in his face! I could be totally wrong about this, and usually I’m not such a Chicken Little (instead, I’m the opposite: an insane optimist against all odds). But I admit to a feeling of dread that when Steve finds out Ava is sending the notes, his new openness will disappear, and he won’t tell Kayla about it. For her own good, of course.

Call the midwife

I’ve read some comments, here and there, that people feel a bit numb to all the death and destruction. That Bo’s death is just throwing another one on the pile.


For myself, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s true I didn’t cry much on Friday’s episode – even though I thought it was excellent. Today, though, the scene of Hope, Steve, and Kayla kneeling around Bo’s body really got to me.


There’s something so iconic about the “Fab Four” – even though all four haven’t really shared that many years on the show! – and seeing three of them mourning the fourth marked the end of an era somehow. When Steve took off his jacket and pulled it up over Bo’s face, I lost it.

And when Hope was crying that this was her punishment, and then the final shot of her sliding to the floor inside her dark, empty house, made me cringe for her. How much can one woman be expected to take?

I was happy to welcome back some other stories today, even if none of them are what you could call happy. (It’s all relative, these days.) There wasn’t a lot of movement in the Chad/Abby story, But this is the one I am most excited about right now. Even though I know it’s only supposed to be a day, it feels like Abby has been in labor for over a week. Poor girl!

I am liking this midwife, and how she distracted Ben while Abby tried to text Chad. Abby’s message was absurdly long, though. A series of short texts would have been better. “Help.” “Cabin near Salem.” “Trapped.” She could add more information as she had time. And it would have been smarter to text her mom or JJ. But I kind of love that she texted Chad.

And I love the suspense of it all. I was on tenterhooks when Ben took the phone, stomped on it and then told her (as she screamed in pain) that she brought this on herself. As the midwife looked on, appalled.


I like how Abby has been trying her hardest to connect to Ben about the baby’s safety. It’s one of his only vulnerable points, a genuinely human feeling, and she is smart to try to reach him on that score.

But after today, Abby will be expendable as soon as that baby is out of her body.

Chad needs to get there pronto.



Hello Goodbye

Did those of you who read spoilers know that Bo would only be in town for one Salem day?

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I can understand people being mad. All that buildup, the big rescue, and bam, he dies. In the bigger picture, the destruction of Aiden and Haiden seems doubly unnecessary. And for those who didn’t know that Peter was coming back only to “close out Bo’s story,” I’m guessing it was a rude shock.

But on the other hand, I’m a little bit … relieved. Knowing he was slated to die, I already knew his days were numbered. I admit to feeling grateful that the dread of waiting for his inevitable death has been cut short.

It was quite a sendoff today.


Really a beautiful tribute to Bo and Hope and their love story. I really enjoyed the flashbacks. Their first meeting, their first kiss, the motorcycle rescue from Larry Welch, their first wedding.

I loved that Bo put on a red t-shirt and leather jacket to refer back to their first meeting, and gave her the tickets like he did at the kissing booth.


I would have been really impressed if he had come up with that pink hat he wore then! :)

And there were some lovely moments for Steve and Kayla as well. (I can’t believe they were on all five days this week! I’m not complaining about that, but it does point to the balance issues that the show continues to have.)

My favorite moment was when Kayla told Steve she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea, that what happened didn’t mean anything. And Steve agreeing:  “You didn’t want to kiss me … you don’t have feelings for me.”



What I love is that it is a perfect role reversal from their early story. Steve breaks down and kisses Kayla in a moment of weakness, then tries to push her away again. She knows that’s not what he really wants, and she keeps pushing. Now it’s Steve’s turn to believe, to have faith, to win her trust, to break down her walls.


I love that Chad starts out being a badass Dimera:


Using the power of his family to find Abigail, and then, by the end of the show, he has to betray his family — also to find Abigail!

I’m sure that there were people screaming about John and Marlena not being at Bo’s party (and I think it’s a little strange myself), but I really enjoyed their scenes with Chad. (Also, Marlena’s line, when she said they had to think like Sami: “God help us.” Hee!) I love that they picked up the thread of Marlena hypnotizing Chad and believing in him. And they are killing me — in a good way — drawing out Chad’s search for Abby! It’s such a perfect tease to have his memories trickling back. Today, he remembers their brutal fight, and hears himself say that Ben “should be in jail,” but doesn’t know the reason why.

I also like that Abby, even while in labor — poor Abby! — isn’t just helplessly sitting by. The drama with the phone today — picking it up, but not being able to call anyone — was another a perfect tease.

I don’t see how the midwife makes it out of there alive.

I knew that Kayla would pull away from Steve, and say “this was a mistake,” and she did. But she knows he has breached the wall she has put up, and she isn’t sure how she feels about that:


I love that they are giving us some happy moments for Bo, and I think the happiness-to-angst ratio at the party was well-balanced. But I have to say WTF? to whoever chose the flashbacks, one of them jumping the water during the Cruise of Deception and one of Bo rescuing Shawn? The dialogue was better, though — Roman’s speech, Shawn’s comment that when he was young he thought every kid has had his life saved by his father more than once. I also appreciated the phone call to Chelsea – that’s the kind of thing that often gets missed. What really melted my heart, though, was Bo’s speech about hearing their voices while he was being held captive, winding up with the “well named” Hope, and Hope coming in to hear him:


Kayla in the background, her heart breaking because she knows the truth … ANGST

And squee! at three of my favorite characters sharing the screen together. Eric might be a drunk (I’m not sure yet), but he found time between the wedding (which was LAST NIGHT) and today to get a haircut …


(Are we worried about Jeneric yet?)

And finally, I have to post this shot, of Steve announcing his vagabond days are over:


Their faces say it all. Love it!

Rose colored glasses

One of my favorite Kayla scenes of all time is during the poisoning storyline, after Steve rescues her and brings her to the cabin. She is unconscious, but when she wakes up, she tells Steve she doesn’t trust him anymore. (Mary Beth is so very pregnant here!)

(A note about my YouTube channel: my old one still hasn’t been taken down, but I decided to start a new one anyway. All the videos I post here will be unlisted, which I hope will allow them to sail under the radar of TPTB.)

Steve has to face that he destroyed something precious, something that he loved about her — her joyous optimism and boundless faith. Faith, that is, in him.

Steve makes a unilateral decision, keeping Kayla in the dark. He hurts her in the process — not only hurts her, but abandons her completely. At least this time his playing God was to protect her, and their children, instead of giving her up to help someone else. But the pattern of behavior is the same.

Kayla’s line at the very end, “I just can’t do this anymore,” sums up what she is feeling, again, now. I think we are essentially watching this scene, expanded into an entire storyline. She can’t take that leap of faith anymore, it hurts too much. He has to prove all over again that he is worthy of her faith and love.

(This reminds me of something Mary Beth said at the brunch, commenting on those who think she is “too mad” at Steve. “He LEFT me in AFRICA!” she said. She sounded so incredulous. I loved it.)

So, onto today’s scenes. I really enjoyed the dialogue. I thought it was so true to these characters, and their history. They addressed the trust issue when Kayla believed he set this up, and yelled at him for thinking he could win her over with manufactured romantic crap. (I have to say, I love that someone said that on a soap. Manufactured romantic crap is soap’s bread and butter!) Now, I’ve known Kayla to very happy with romantic gestures, but NOT – this is the key thing – as a substitute for real love and trust.

She made a good point when she told him that he’s told her not to worry before, when she actually had reason to worry. But Steve gets to play the optimist role this time, and he got her to admit that things generally worked out okay, and “it was never boring.”

In a similar vein, she told him she likes things safe and secure, “and everybody lives to be a hundred.” I don’t know if that has always been true, but I think it is true now. And he pointed out that there is no life without some risk. Again, it’s like the tables are turned from when she broke down his walls, encouraged him to take the risk of opening up and trusting someone.

And then the catch in his voice when he said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. And if he could just get her back …

… and then THIS:


I have to admit, I rewatched this scene several times. It’s like 1986 again!

Bo and Hope also connected today, with their love scene. The quickness of it all fits with how little time they have to work with Peter and Bo’s exit. I have said before that I like Bo and Hope best when they are happy, and this angst for Hope is almost too much for me. But I am hoping that they are setting this up so that Hope finding out the truth is a reason to find her strength again. What I mean is, as long as she feels uncertain about Bo and their relationship, she’ll be in this tailspin; but finding out the truth will (ironically) help her find her strength and trust in herself. And make her determined to enjoy the little time they do have.

I hope so, because I don’t think I could stand watching Hope suffer MORE than she is now.

Bo “willing” Hope to Rafe grated on me. But, it is truly a tradition on soaps. Jack did it once, with Frankie and Jennifer. Addie did it with Doug and Julie. (Thanks, Mom!) I also have a hard time believing that Bo would so quickly see and recognize that Rafe is madly in love with Hope. Maybe it’s because I just don’t see it myself! One thing it definitely won’t do is reconcile Bope fans to “Rope.” Nope.

Theo having a crush on Ciara: mildly intrigued. Lani being Abe’s daughter, and Theo’s sister:  still waiting for the conflict. And why wasn’t Hope invited to Bo’s surprise party?

The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

So much to catch up on! Where to start?

Let’s start with Chad and Rafe. Why? Because they’re awesome.


Chad was channeling “hotheaded Days hero worried about his woman” on Friday and Monday, and I must say, he wears it well. After asking Rafe’s help in finding Abby, he stomped out of the police station on Friday, yelling not to tell him to calm down, when the woman he loves is in trouble. Then on Monday he promised not to lose his temper again, but then again stomped out, yelling at Rafe to “do your job!” I think this partnership is going to be all I hoped it would be, and more.

In sadder news, we found out Bo is indeed dying. Of course his big sister Kayla is the one who has to tell him the news:


Even Kayla’s overcoat looks like a lab coat! Why, Days costume department, why?

I feel very, very bad for Bo, but I also am dying for Kayla here. She just finished dealing with her mother’s illness, and now she has to deal with her brother’s! When Kayla started crying with Bo, I started crying too. And then this happened:


I lost it. The way they held hands, and then hugged – oh my God.

I also loved Bo’s line in this scene: “Kay never could keep a secret.” I love that Bo calls her “Kay,” and that they’ve remembered that from the 80’s. And what he says is true – Kayla is not good at keeping secrets. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to feel that these writers actually get Kayla’s character, because I never had that confidence in their last run.

And what about this scene?


I loved seeing Steve actually ask her what’s wrong (he didn’t do that when Caroline was sick), and be there for her as she talked about Bo. Also, Mary Beth adds a really nice touch to this scene. There is just the barest moment of hesitation before Kayla goes into his arms. She knows this is another crack in the wall she is keeping up between them.

Another great line from Bo was when he told Kayla she’s a fighter, even when the odds are impossible. It’s true, and it leads us nicely into Tuesday’s show, for some of my favorite scenes since Steve and Kayla have been back. First of all, I love that Steve is being open about what’s going on with these mysterious notes and texts (gotta be a first). He’s even telling Joey what’s happening! With Kayla, I like that he told her during a moment of softness from her, after she thanked him for rescuing Bo. He could have used that moment to press his advantage with her, and the fact that he didn’t shows he is taking this honesty (and partnership) thing seriously.

Kayla’s reply to the mysterious text, “we know who you are,” and the reason she gave for it — she wants this person out in the open, so they can fight it out — is perfectly Kayla.


I loved Steve’s line about admiring her “chutzpah,” but mostly I loved his smile. He is loving having Kayla the fighter by his side, even under the circumstances. And their final exchange, Steve asking her what’s next, and her saying she thought he would figure it out, was a welcome note of humor in all the doom and gloom.

I said earlier that I wasn’t a fan of this storyline about Sami and the safe deposit box, but I really enjoyed Andre’s scenes with her and Marlena. The dialogue was really fun. Sami says Andre wouldn’t go to “all this trouble” of kidnapping her without a reason, and he says, “Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” Later, Andre says he needs to talk to Marlena, and she says crisply, “You do need a therapist, no doubt. Let me give you a few names.” Hee! I also just really enjoyed seeing both Sami and Marlena being strong and standing up to him – and realizing he is running his own game against Stefano.

And finally, Blackpatch!


How cool is this going to be??