(I’ve missed some episodes because of the US Open, so forgive me if I get anything wrong here.)

So it looks like it is Lucas and Chloe who are being chem tested, contrary to my fear/paranoia that it was Nicole who would get stuck with him.

You would think that since I don’t care for either character I wouldn’t like this pairing. Garbage in, garbage out, right? And it’s true that when they first met at the DiMansion, I rolled my eyes the way Lucas acted like a self-righteous tool, while Chloe was forced to pretend she found it charming.

But then a strange thing happened. It was nice to see Lucas sympathizing with someone for once. I liked how the show had them bonding over their shared relationship troubles, and the way they called it “the Lucas-Chloe alliance.” So color me pleasantly surprised. It’s like putting garbage in on one side, and getting flowers and rainbows and cute little puppies on the other.

And the fact that this very neatly frees up Sami for EJ doesn’t color my perceptions at all. Heh.

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